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Abbas-Mustan: PLAYERS is faster than THE ITALIAN JOB

December 26, 2011 03:53:14 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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As is a known fact, PLAYERS (based on THE ITALIAN JOB) deals with a gold heist where a group of youngsters come together to pull off an impossible task. With ample scope for action and thrills, the story by itself holds quite a lot of promise and Abbas-Mustan promise that audience won't be disappointed.

''THE ITALIAN JOB was made way back in 2003 and from then till now, technology has advanced in a big way. We kept that in mind while executing our script and that would reflect in the visuals as well. While we have kept the basic flavour of the film intact, from the sheer look and narrative perspective, PLAYERS is far more fast paced and has a racy feel to it,'' says Abbas Burmawala.


Termed as men-in-white who are masters of thriller genre, Abbas-Mustan have been known for their suspense flicks right from the days of KHILADI till RACE. What has always stood out in their films is the lack of any predictable elements. Can audience expect many more surprises in store with PLAYERS as well?

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''I can assure you that twists here are more than what you saw in RACE. Moreover, since PLAYERS also involves a lot of action, you would see the coming together of suspense, thrills and some daredevil stunts. Moreover, there won't be anything predictable here and you would be continuously guessing about what would happen next,'' adds Mustan Burmawala.

''See, the thing is that whenever we make a movie, we start thinking like an audience. While going through a script, we keep asking ourselves if we can already see what would happen next. Only if we are able to surprise ourselves do we go ahead with a scene,'' he added further.

Well, we are waiting to get surprised as well!


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