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When Giselli didn't get any help from school girls

May 14, 2011 02:46:09 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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While shooting for Roshan Abbas' ALWAYS KABHI KABHI, the film's leading ladies Giselli Monteiro and Zoa Morani had a school campus to themselves that acted as their acting playground. Reason being that since they play students in the film, they were also required to closely study other (real) students who were roped in from different schools and asked to fill in the campus so that an apt backdrop is created. The intent was to be as natural as possible by picking up body language, mannerisms and behavioural traits of other school students belonging to the same age group.


Giselle refuses to be politically correct though and admits that she wasn't helped much by other students who were present on the sets. "Since we shot with real students, I was told that I could take a cue from them around how to walk, talk, behave or indulge in any other particular gestures associated with teenagers. I was supposed to learn from them how to act shy and all. Sorry to say that but that didn't quite help," giggles Giselli.

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Why, what went wrong?

"Well, these were girls who were 18-19 years old and were supposed to be shy. However they seemed pretty much open in their outlook and were hardly coy. They seemed like 24-25 years old to me. It just didn't go with the kind of character that I was required to portray on screen," she says, "I guess what worked better for me was to use my own imagination and act accordingly."

Sure Giselli, we would like to see this imagination unfold once ALWAYS KABHI KABHI hits the screens on 17th June.