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Kangna: I desire Anna Hazare

September 22, 2011 08:30:30 PM IST
Glamsham Editorial
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The much loved show Simi Selects India's most desirables hosted by the lovely lady Simi Gerawal is talk of the B-town as it reveals secret about stars and make them admit about their real life stories. The next who will be seen sharing about her life will be the very beautiful Kangna Ranaut.

On asking about what impressions of Bollywood she had, Kangna replied, "When Bollywood was happening to me I was so ecstatic and thrilled and on top of this world that I didn't give a damn. It could be the worst place in the world, it could be a nightmare, it could be the nicest place but I don't care I just want to be here. I was too hot-blooded, young, ambitious and starry-eyed when I entered Bollywood, so I was very happy. I still am".

On asking about having worked with so many big stars like Abhishek, Hrithik, Sanjay Dutt was she ever intimidated by them she said, "Not really. They definitely make you feel very comfortable and they have worked with so many newcomers. But most of these people they come from film families and when they talk in their conversations, they talk about their childhood 'when we were kids we used to play and do horse riding together', and that really makes you feel a little out of place sometimes, but it's not that they do it intentionally, no that is not the thing."

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On being asked by Simi if her trust was misplaced she said, "I did go through few bad experiences and few amazing at the same time; but honestly the most beautiful time of my life would be when in all my innocence I got carried away and fell in love when people made fool of me, when I was so vulnerable that I didn't even understand the double meanings. I love that side of me and I would never want to be so... I would like to reserve some of my innocence."

When Simi asked in today's time who she thinks has redefined their status to become a symbol of desirability? She said, "Well desirable has its own definition. If I have to give you a really honest answer that might just put you off you would say you're crazy, I want to name a person, you're going to slap me on my face. I DESIRE ANNA HAZARE."

When asked how she feels on being termed as fashionista she said, "Honestly I still don't know I'm that fashionable. Maybe people around me just dress up bad! Today I have money I can buy the biggest brands, now it will be very sad if I dress up bad, but when I was new I hardly had money and would just pick up anything and wear it and I would be written about it. 'Oh we like this girl, she is so fashionable and all that.' So that was a surprise for me. But sometimes I cannot understand why people dress up; it's amazing, they dress up so bad! Even the richest people, they wear the most expensive clothes and they dress up bad. So I've come to this conclusion that people around me dress up bad."


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