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Ekta Kapoor: I am Censor's favourite punching bag

July 20, 2012 05:48:53 PM IST
By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
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Producer Ekta Kapoor is peeved with Censor Board from the time they gave her film KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM an A Certificate considering its adult content and also denied its trailer show in theatres till she deletes few scenes. However, she adopted an alternate route and made the uncut trailer viral on the net.

Ekta doesn't mince her words to talk about her equation with Censor Board. ''I am Censor's favourite punching bag. I share a love-hate relationship with censor board. They hate me but I love them. I don't want to blame them. I seriously think they are really co-operative. The biggest problem the censors face is they have a huge pressure because of PILs that various people with various agendas for various incidences file. As anybody can do a PIL. They are answerable to many questions like why did they pass the film, etc. Strangely the agenda never gets questioned, the actions get questioned. I would never really like to a censor's job,'' she says.


But Ekta says she'll fight till the end to retain those scenes in the film as they are crucial for the movie. ''I am going to fight till the release. I want to have those scenes back as they are fun scenes. We have a deadline till next Tuesday or Wednesday because after that we have a release.''

It's not just Ekta who is having issues with Censors. Other filmmakers & producers have also faced a similar problem. And whenever the content was prohibited to go public it only did wonders for the makers of the film.

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Tell Ekta if it has become a trend or a strategy that whatever is forbidden will work and she says, ''I think whatever is forbidden is actually there. It not like that it works. We live in a country which is full of double standards. Humara yaha khaane ke data aur aur dikhaane ke dat aur hai. Indians biggest psychological issue is they don't accept the way they are and yet when it comes to these comedies most of them will tom-tom, cry, crib hundred times say that we are ruining the society. Guess what at least we are not pretentious and saying that we are making hi-brow changing the world movie, we are making a fun movie, which is politically incorrect. It is not here to win accolades but it is here to entertain.''

''We have liberals and orthodox living in the same society. Some people want society to progress while others want to confine to the old traditions. When there's that diametrically opposite pull in the society, you are going to be constantly threatened by two different ideologies. So the censor board has to keep both in mind. We belong to the sensibility that tradition cannot be bowed down to. It has to be adopted. And anything that will be forced will be resisted on some or other way. But anything which is welcomed controlled, imbibed with certain sense of elan will always leave you feel proud of, '' she adds on a parting note.


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