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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: Superhero increases the halo

July 23, 2012 06:30:07 PM IST
By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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Hollywood does know how to perpetuate the enigma around a super hero and continue to feed it through sequels in such a manner that the aura of these superstars continue to enthrall the audience all over the world. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, the latest saga of Batman series, also serves the same purpose. The saga spread over a time frame of 2 hour 35 minutes would be amongst the longest films that have come out from Hollywood in the recent times.

The final version of the BATMAN, which opens eight years after the action in the second part of the trilogy, has a gripping screenplay which keeps the audience enthralled. For the fans who have watched the film in English, to be able to connect with the last part of the saga would not have been a problem, but even the fans who watched the film in Hindi did not seem to be affected by the fact that they were watching the last part of the BATMAN saga. The spectacle of action unspooled on the screen was enough to rivet them to the seats.


Indeed, it is one of the queer success trails that Hollywood films have been able to establish in India wherein they are releasing sequels of the films in continuity and the Hindi speaking audience, as also those fans who watch it in Telugu seem to savor the spectacle. TDKR is a trip that stumbles into darkness to rise from it and remove the shroud of darkness, but it does not have an element of cynicism associated in the process, which is what makes TDKR a film worth watching.

One needs to give it to the director Christopher Nolan that he has continued to have a magical sway over the audience characterized by the debilitating and mean hold over the audience through machinations, manipulations and terrifying schemes. It is the best Joker that one would see in the last part of the trilogy played with menace by Tom Hardy, who has got physical strength as also the guile and mental sharpness.

The connect that Indian audience would have found in TDKR would be through the city that is going to abyss which BATMAN has to rise to save, rise as he has to fight the self-doubt and get out of the guilt of having killed his friend Dent as also the girl friend Rachel.

One only hopes that someday some kind of characters of this kind would be created by the Hindi film industry as well till then we would have to be content with imports from Hollywood. But one should not miss it.