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BUMBOO director Jagdish Purohit: Stars are a recipe for disaster

March 28, 2012 10:59:40 AM IST
Rachana, Glamsham Editorial
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Jagdish Purohit, who has been active in Theatre industry for last 20 years, makes his debut as director with upcoming release BUMBOO, which is an adaptation of French film L'EMMERDEUR. ''I have assisted on many documentaries and short films. I always wanted to make feature films but nothing really inspired me till I came across this French film. It so happened while travelling from Mumbai to France I watched the film on board and at once decided to make its Hindi adaptation. I then sat with my co-writer Kavin Dave and shot the film.''

Ask him if it's a frame-to-frame copy of the French film and he clarifies, ''No. BUMBOO is an adaptation not a remake of L'EMMERDEUR. There's a difference between the two. BUMBOO is completely different from the French version. The story, screenplay and the entire treatment is different. It has been told in my own way.''

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Jagdish recalls the challenges and hurdles he went through to make BUMBOO happen. He says, ''There was a negative publicity around the film even before it went on floors. Nobody was genuinely ready to believe in the project. Nobody trusted in it. However we successfully managed to convince about it through our agent. We funded our own film and went ahead.''

BUMBOO is a small-budgeted film and doesn't boost of big stars. Prod Jagdish about making a starless film and he says, ''Big stars are a recipe for disaster. Stars ka ghar chalta hai picture kahan chalti hai . It's better to work with the fresh talent. And as far as the budgets are concerned I don't think huge budgets guarantee huge box-office success.''

Further talking about his film, Jagdish says, ''BUMBOO is not slapstick. It's an intelligent film, filled with wit and great dialogues. The basic idea of the film is problems are a part of life and inevitable so face it smilingly. That's the spirit of the film. I am looking forward to audience support who believe in the power of story.''

BUMBOO is a slang word so wasn't Jagdish wary of using it as a title of the film? However, Jagdish finds BUMBOO sexy and catchy. 'It's not a slang or bad word. It is widely used throughout the country. BUMBOO is a very sexy, catchy title. In fact we had a tough time finalizing the title of the film. We cracked our brains behind it hard but couldn't arrive at one till one night Kavin Dave, who plays the lead, suggested BUMBOO. I think it's an apt title,' says the first time director.

Although Jagdish is debutant in the filmmaking arena, his experience in the theatres stood quite advantageous for him. Says Jagdish, ''Theatres definitely have an advantage and it makes you a better filmmaker. It was easy to explain actors and understand various techniques involved in filmmaking.''

Jagdish also shares his views on current scenario of film industry.

''Today what is lacking is quality content and realization that why filmmakers are making films. All they do is have 4-5 stars and 1 hot item number to grab eyeballs. Whether good, bad or ugly cinema needs backing of some story which is missing. The problem is we have shifted our focus. First make story-driven films like PAAN SINGH TOMAR, KAHAANI, etc and then embellish it with stars, songs, etc,'' says the filmmaker.

Post BUMBOO Jagdish's next project will be based on Police custodial death. Jadish says, ''My next film is based on Police custodial death. I am currently working on the script.''

BUMBOO releases this Friday all over.