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Chitrangada Singh: INKAAR is not bold

January 15, 2013 02:45:05 PM IST
By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
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While people may term Chitrangada Singh's upcoming film INKAAR, starring Arjun Rampal alongside and directed by Sudhir Mishra, as 'bold' with the kind of concept (sexual harassment) it deals with, the pretty actress doesn't feel so.

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download INKAAR wallpaper

Says Chitrangada, ''I don't think the subject is bold anymore. I don't know why people want to term it as bold when a lady wants to speak out for her rights or raise voice against wrong. On the contrary, I think, it's fair if you are standing for your rights. I am very happy to do this film.''

In fact, Chitrangada calls INKAAR a love story. ''For me INKAAR is basically a love story with modern settings & modern problems, where men and women are almost equal. But when there is power struggle problems creep in.''

But keeping the concept in mind, INKAAR easily appears to be a dark love story or the love story that has dark shades attached to it.

''No, it's not dark. The best part about love stories is the fights that happen between the two. Because that's the most interesting and most honest part...Holding hands and saying 'I love you' is something we have seen several times but that is not the case in INKAAR and that is what sets apart this film. It's about a woman who thinks 'fine I was involved with this particular man at some point of time but it's not fair if you are getting sexually harassed'. And it becomes very difficult for her to take a stance and raise voice against wrong, but she does. So, it may appear dark in the sense that INKAAR shows the ugliness of a relationship.''

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Since INKAAR is set in the backdrop of a work place, Chitrangada says how woman are expected to behave like man at office. ''Mostly what happens is when a woman comes to a work place she is expected to be man. I don't get this idea why a woman should be a man or behave like one? I should be allowed to be who I am. The respect I am asking is not for being a man but for being a woman. One has to respect that.''

''When a woman is falling short a man should make it up for her and vice-versa. It should be give and take kind of relationship. The beauty about this film is there are two perspectives for the same situation and how they are both right,'' she further adds.

Ask Chitrangada about measures a woman should take if faced with such situation and she says, ''Firstly, whenever you raise your voice be prepared for the consequences. Chances are that you might not get justice as well. But one has to give it a shot. You have to be ready with the fact ki shayd embarrassment hogi...koi alibi nahi hoga... People may not stand for you. You should have the strength and conviction to accept whatever comes in front of you.''

INKAAR is set to release on 18th January 2013.

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