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Lessons of life from RAANJHANAA

June 25, 2013 10:04:58 AM IST
updated June 25, 2013 11:14:11 AM IST
By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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RAANJHANAA in its own imitable way has been able to capture the heart of the cinematic fans and as the template that has been used in the film is quite unconventional, in the sense that it has used the reference point as city of Varanasi and has at no point of time tried to present a glossy ambience for its stars, it has been able to capture the vital nuances that are oxygen for functioning of the society in the small cities.

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Express the feeling and get away with it rather than inflicting the self-torture: At the drop of hat the lead actor Dhanush cuts his veins rather than express his love. It indeed is a fate for most of the so-called lovers in small cities who presume that they have fallen in love and that the girl would also reciprocate. It reminds one of the so-called fictitious association of Romeos that exists in the realm for such lovers, called as FOSLA- or frustrated one sided lovers association- who feel that if they have fallen in love girl would also love and then continue to boil in the frustration.

Education specially for the girls belonging to minority community is gateway to empowerment: Had the character of Zoya not got embroiled in the controversy and would not have been bundled off to Aligarh and then develop confidence to go to JNU she may not have emerged as a leader, and this is the inspiring lesson for girls growing up, who have dream in their eyes to use education as the pathway to reach for stars.


Politics would only change if young generation decides to take the bull by the horn: The young generation is criticized for indulging in the drawing room discourse and not taking to the streets, and until they do it they would not be able to see the machinations of the leaders, as Zoya was able to see in the film, and did not hesitate to expose it at a forum where it hits the most.

One should not give up the mother tongue in quest to move forward in the society: When Police is ready to pounce on the protestors, Dhanush comes forward speaks to the police in-charge and the situation is warded off- it however is a matter of intrigue from RAANJHANAA context, how Dhanush who lives in Varanasi suddenly picks up chaste Tamil to speak to the Police official- may be perhaps to cater to his Tamil fans as well, this cinematic liberty was taken but it subtly underlined that the present generation should not forget its mother tongue.

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Smiles still win hearts: In all the sticky situations that the narrative is stuck in, it is the rustic humour and the presence of mind of Dhanush's character that does the trick and underlines the Gandhian virtue of leveraging art of negotiation to tackle situations.

Religious divides can diminish if present generation takes the bull by the horn: The manner in which the love story between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl has been sensitively dealt with, without being relegated to being operated from the religious premises, has a chance to succeed, as the present generation is not so much hampered by the baggage of the past.

May be Anand L Rai could do a sequel on it with a different character to underline the point.


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