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Kavita Barjatya: With SAMRAT & CO. we did everything that Rajshri hasn't done so far

April 16, 2014 10:27:26 AM IST
By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
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Kavita Barjatiya, daughter of Kamal Barjatya, began her journey in entertainment industry by assisting cousin Sooraj Barjatya in MAIN PREM KI DEEWANI HOON. Post that she launched the TV unit for Rajshris, which mostly churned out saas-bahu sagas, and worked for around eight long years.

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Now that she is making her foray into film production with SAMRAT & CO., she chose an altogether different genre than following her family banner Rajshri Productions' tradition of making family dramas.

''While doing television we did typical family dramas, when it came to making a film, one thing was clear that whatever we do has to be for youth, who are very collective, choosy & willing to pay. They have the money power today to pay multiplex ticket. And after doing television for eight years I was keen to do something different on big-screen,'' reasons the new producer on the block.

Kavita also narrates how SAMRAT & CO. happened. She says, ''Kaushik Da and I go back a long way because we have done lots of work together on TV. We were working on various scripts for the film. In the interim, there was a little period when my father was slightly unwell. During that time, he used to discuss varied subjects with me. One day he gave me a black-n-white movie DVD. Then other day he gave me a courtroom drama. And I kept wondering that they are the stalwarts of family dramas, so why are they showing me such films? When I shared it with Kaushik Da, here he was ready with the script like SAMRAT & CO., on which he worked for four years. When I heard the first narration itself, I found it appealing and very edge-of-the-seat. Each character in his film is so well etched-out. It was a bound script and I knew this is something which nobody has tried. So it was called for!''

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Since they were treading on a new path, which has not been Rajshri's forte, ask Kavita about the challenges they faced in the journey and she shares, ''The real challenge was we had to do everything that Rajshri hasn't done so far, like all the technicals, music, etc had to be done in an absolutely new style. We even used to go blank at times as to what is to be done next. At the same time we had the challenge that the goodwill and name of Rajshri has to be lived up to. Having said that nothing was bad or disastrous. By God's grace the script was locked, the shooting went on smoothly and the film was completed without much hassles.''

She also adds, ''I would like to mention that from last 1-2 years the banner has seen lot of changes.''

Having assisted father Kamal Kumar Barjatya and director cousin Sooraj Barjatya, ask Kavita whose style of working she truly represents and she says, ''I don't represent anybody's style. I think I have my own style. Of course my initial training in filmmaking on the set was with Soorajiji so am very influenced by him. But I do the things I am comfortable with. I find my own ways and there's lot of things that I learnt from my family. They are very organized people and inculcated the same since my childhood.'

Starring Rajeev Khandelwaal and Madalsa Sharma, SAMRAT & CO., directed by Kaushik Ghatak, is all set to release on 25th April 2014.

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