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How Naushad helped Mukesh develop his own distinct style

July 22, 2014 12:39:53 PM IST
By Mansoor Khan, Glamsham Editorial
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Dil jalta hai to jalne de, aansu na baha fariyaad na kar
dil jalta hai to jalne de

Music lovers who have heard this super hit song from the movie PEHLI NAZAR, would agree that when we hear the song for the first time it appears to be sung by the legendary singer K.L. Saigal but on close observation it is noticed that it has been sung by the Mukesh, the Emperor of Melancholy Songs.


July 22 marks the birthday of legendary singer Mukesh, Glamsham.Com remembers him and reveals how music director Naushad helped Mukesh to come out from K.L. Saigal mould.

In his formative years, legendary singer Mukesh was an ardent fan of Saigal and imitated him to such perfection that when eminent music director Anil Biswas heard him imitating K. L. Saigal’s super hit song ‘Jab dil hi toot gaya’, he instantly developed a likening for him.

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In fact Anil Biswas was so mesmerized by Mukesh’s imitation of Saigal’s voice that he recorded the song ‘dil jalta hai to jalne de’ for the movie PEHLI NAZAR in the typical K.L. Saigal style. But after recording the song he asked Mukesh to develop his own identity and his own style. But Mukesh paid no heed.

However once music maestro Naushad noticed Mukesh drunk during day time at Kardar Studio and was left dumbfounded. He was hurt because he had high regards for Mukesh, ever since he heard him imitating K.L. Saigal so well in PEHLI NAZAR. Hence he approached Mukesh and tenderly asked, “Mukesh Babu, you have proved to the world that you can be another K.L. Saigal. But dear friend, do you wish to copy Saigal in the matter of drinking too?” (K.L. Saigal was known to be an acute alcoholic)

Naushad’s sarcastic remark had an intense effect on Mukesh and since then he quit drinking and began focusing on his riyaaz. Later Naushad worked on Mukesh and helped him in bringing out from the K.L.Saigal mould and developed his distinct style. He gave him many movies like MELA, ANOKHI ADA, ANDAZ, SAATHI etc.




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