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What management lessons SHOLAY's Gabbar Singh teaches us?

July 26, 2014 12:43:31 PM IST
By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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Seldom does it happen in the world of cinema that a character that was created about 40 years ago still fascinates the fans of cinema and his character is interpreted from the perspective of management learning. But when the character is Gabbar Singh and the film is SHOLAY interpretations on the film would continue to be made in as innovative manner as could be possible.  Here is one such management learning from SHOLAY through the dialogues of Gabbar Singh:


जो डर गया समझो मर गया
On the face of it, it is a very innocuous dialogue but from a management perspective it has profound meaning. In the quest of progress if somebody gets deterred by the failure and stops taking risks, then obviously he is dead. As it is said- रिस्क तो स्पाइडर मैन को भी लेना पड़ता है or no risk no gain, more risk more gain.

कितने आदमी थे?
When Gabbar asked this question, what he was trying to assuage as a strategy was that it was not the numbers in opposition ranks and files that count, what is pertinent is the core strength and how the team thrives on each others' weaknesses and strength to decimate the enemy. This in fact has been the principle of warfare for quite a long time.

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अरे ओ साम्भा कितना इनाम रखे है सरकार हम पर?
For the advertisement copy writer there is no better lesson to promote a brand than the way Gabbar did through this dialogue. The way the dialogue was uttered was indeed a novel way to create a terror around the brand and forcibly make people indulge in word and mouth publicity of the brand. Therefore even the jailor says in the jail- गब्बर सिंह कोई बकरी का बच्चा तो है नहीं कि दौड़े और पकड लिया, such was the power of the brand that to dislodge it indeed an elaborate strategy had to be prepared.

The brand Gabbar had to be ambushed through an elaborate war room preparation and it again underlines the maxim that established brands take time to be dislodged but their outreach is such that there memories continue to linger in the minds of the public.

A brand like Gabbar Singh is one such brand whose success could not be emulated by any other character created subsequently that may have had the power to become an iconic brand as Gabbar Singh had become.




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