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Adhyayan Suman: I was pronounced guilty without a trial!

July 31, 2014 4:50:29 PM IST
By Glamsham Editorial
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Actor Adhyayan Suman made his presence felt with Vishesh Films’ Mohit Suri directed RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES. The actor displayed his acting caliber with another Bhatt venture, JASHNN. Unfortunately though JASHNN could not emulate the success of RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES.

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The actor was last seen in celebrity TV anchor and actor, father Shekhar Suman’s HEARTLESS. Post that Adhyayan is going through the best phase of his career with as many as half a-dozen upcoming releases. But we will talk about that next week.

Right now we would like to clear the myths and rumours surrounding the so-called spoilt brat ( on the personal front), Adhyayan Suman, a product of UK’s Millfield School and a qualified director from New York Film Academy, facts that most of his detractors will not be aware of.

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Says Adhyayan, “Glad that you have brought up the topic. I know that I was made a villain and termed the spoilt rich son of a celebrity father. I didn’t exactly know how to tackle things and did not even go to the media to put forth my point of view and my side of the story. May be I was too young and immature at that time. I was pronounced guilty without a trial! I did go to Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, who I really respect, as he was also fed all the negative stories about me. I gave him my version of things saying ‘I have been wrongly portrayed but sir I must tell you that this is the truth and I am here in this industry because of you people’.”

Please go on, we implore the actor who says, “I have nothing more to add. I answered you in detail because you brought up the topic. However, that is a closed chapter and I have moved on in life, and I am now looking forward to my upcoming releases,” concludes the soft spoken and the cultured Adhyayan Suman.




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