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How KHUDGARZ changed Rakesh Roshan's life

September 6, 2014 9:52:47 AM IST
By Mansoor Khan, Glamsham Editorial
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Legendry film maker Raj Kapoor was called Showman for his hit and extravagant movies. After him the title was bestowed upon Subhash Ghai and after Subhash Ghai, the filmmaker who rightly deserves this coveted title is none other but Rakesh Roshan, who has been consistently delivering hit after hit at the box office. Remember KAHO NAA... PYAAR HAI (2000), KOI MIL GAYA (2003), KRRISH (2006) and KRRISH 3 (2013), incredible feat indeed!


September 6, marks the birthday of this genius film maker; Glamsham.Com wishes him birthday greeting and reveals how KHUDGARZ, rewrote the success story of Rakesh Roshan, the director.

Everybody is aware that as an actor, Rakesh Roshan could not make it big and was reduced to playing parallel roles. In an interview Rakesh Roshan said, “I was compelled to do parallel roles to survive my family but when I found my career heading no where I plunged in to film production but lady luck ditched me. My movie BHAGWAN DADA was a complete washout. Hence I decided to direct myself.”

However with the label of a flop actor and a flop producer Rakesh Roshan had a tough task making KHUDGARZ. Recalling the hardship in getting the actors for the movie Rakesh reminisces, “The story of KHUDGARZ dwelt about two friends, one Mumbai based wealthy man and other a poor rural guy. The character of rural guy was initially based in south India. Hence I had first approached Kamal Haasan and then Rajinikanth but both declined. While I had no issues signing my friend Jeetendra for the Mumbai wealthy man, I was in dilemma for the other actor.”

He adds, “Finally tired after rejections from one actor to another I focused on Shatrughan Sinha, whom I had seen in the movie DOST, opposite Dharmendra, playing a loyal friend of Bihari origin. I decided to contact him and altered the south Indian character into Bihari. When I approached Shatrughan Sinha, he attentively paid attention to my narration and after two hours of narration finally gave his nod.”
However even after the movie was made Rakesh Roshan had butterflies fluttering in his stomach. Remembering the premier he said, “When I was going to attend the film’s premiere at Metro Cinema in Mumbai in my Mercedes, I had told my wife if the movie fails this will be our last drive in the car. But thank god the movie was a hit and it changed my life.”




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