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Aamir Khan goes on crying spree; gets trolled

August 25, 2015 4:59:00 PM IST
By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
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If you thought that only girls could cry at the drop of a hat, then you might have to change your opinion henceforth. Because, these days even guys also get easily emotional. Don't believe us? Well, at least our Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has become a new ‘crybaby' of the B-town. No matter what occasion arrives or whatever feeling he is going through, Aamir seeks to draw attention through his sobbing act.


Aamir's weeping stint started when he had begun to host the TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate'. Since then the entire nation got accustomed to Aamir's breaking down consistently. In every episode of the show, he displayed his sensitive side and made sure to win over audiences' heart with it. Though initially people got moved with this particular gesture of Aamir, over a period of time he became butt of all the jokes.

But the perfectionist that Aamir is didn't cease here. He apparently mastered the art of shedding tears in public and encashing on the emotions. From press meets to promotions, Aamir stunned everyone with his soppy eyes.

Just recently, Aamir was indeed snapped wiping his tears with a hand towel after watching Salman Khan's BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN. And this time around his nephew Imran Khan's upcoming film KATTI BATTI (also starring Kangana Ranaut) left the actor teary-eyed. It is being said that Aamir dissolved in tears after watching the climax of Nikhil Advani's film and that he had to sit with a box of tissues to wipe the tears.  

While the star is on a crying spree and presuming it to be the easiest way to reach out to patrons' mind, Aamir is rather being trolled on social media for his crying ways! 

This is what some of the users wrote on their micro-blogging page:  
''Aamir Khan's whatsapp status - 'last cried at''

''#BreakingNews : Govt hasdeclared today as 'NATIONAL CRY DAY', because of 2reasons:1. #Sensex 2. #AamirKhan;)''

''Air Hostess: Sir, would you like to have anything? Tea? Coffee? Juice?Aamir Khan: Tissues''

''Aamir Khan 's Whatsapp Status: Crying and making people fool since 30 years..''

''Aamir Khan whatsapp status 'can't laugh crying only ''

''According to new research, 90% of the world's water pollution is due to Aamir Khan's tears.”

''Aamir khan cries at speed of 6 litre/hour.''

''Aamir Khan about to drown in his own tears''

''Aamir Khan cries every time he watch a better movie than Mela.''

''Why Aamir Khan takes 2 years gap to release next film? Bcos he takes the 'How To Cry in Public' classes for 1 year.''

''Aamir Khan wanted a new category ''Cry Baby Award of the Year'' to be introduced. But no one agreed, and #AamirKhan Boycotted Award Functions.''

''Aamir Khan's Favourite Song . Cry Cry, Itna Cry karte hai kaiko, Itna Darte hai Kaiko...''

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