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Guess the trump card of Shah Rukh Khan's DILWALE? (Any hints BAJIRAO MASTANI)

December 12, 2015 12:53:14 PM IST
By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
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With Shah Rukh Khan's DILWALE and Sanjay Leela Bhansali's BAJIRAO MASTANI gearing up for the biggest clash by applying their respective strategies, it only reminds us of the famous dialogue ''Aaj Mere Paas Maa Hai' from Amitabh Bachchan-Shashi Kapoor starrer DEEWAR. Wondering, why are we reminiscent of this particular dialogue that too at this particular moment? Well, with the way both the films are progressing and not even a week remaining for the films to release, we are compelled to compare the two biggies a la the 'one-upmanship style' from the film DEEWAR. So, let's see what these two films have to offer, in what way one has an edge over other, their respective strong points and ultimately who walks away saying 'Mere Paas Maa Hai'! (no pun intended).



1) Eros International, which is presenting and distributing BAJIRAO MASTANI, is a leading production and distribution company of the film industry. So, BAJIRAO MASTANI may enjoy a wider release and possibly out beat DILWALE in acquiring number of screens.

2) Whatever glimpses we have seen thus far, through the trailers, teasers, promos or songs, visually the film appears magnificent and grand. BAJIRAO MASTANI appears to be a visual treat much like what Sanjay Leela Bhansali's other flicks have offered in the past.

3) BAJIRAO also stands out in terms of other technical areas. Like the opulent sets and larger-than-life presentation, which we usually witness & experience in SLB's films, only raises the excitement level for the film.  

4) A fair amount of star power with the presence of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone (who are allegedly dating each other), Priyanka Chopra (her recent back-to-back success and popularity in Hollywood may also work well for the film). 

5) Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's sizzling chemistry and their past success GOLIYON KI RAAS LEELA RAM LEELA may pave the way for BAJIRAO MASTANI too.

6) Going by the promos and different teasers of BAJIRAO, the film apparently promises to give stellar performances from the talented trio Ranveer, Deepika and Priyanka.   

7) The film is packed with clap-worthy striking dialogues and the way threesome is seen delivering their lines in the promos seems very engaging. 

8) Being a period epic of a Maratha warrior, people, who are in a mood to explore the history, might just give BAJIRAO a try.

9) As we saw earlier this year, the way an epic warrior film like BAHUBALI was willingly welcomed and celebrated, who knows patrons may even lap up BAJIRAO going with the current mood.

10) Those who are going gaga over 'Pinga' song featuring Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone and are eager to catch the two hotties dancing together, may  just opt for BAJIRAO


Aaj DILWALE Ke Paas Hai...
1) No one can beat the star power and fan following that superstar Shah Rukh Khan comes with. To sum up, we can say Shah Rukh Khan's fan following is greater than Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnum opus style along with Ranveer, Deepika and Priyanka's respective following all clubbed together. In fact, Shah Rukh has great global fanbase too.

2) Surprisingly, Rohit Shetty's graph has always scaled upwards. He holds a cent percent record at Box-office and known as 'blockbuster maker'. So, everyone is upbeat that this time too, the midas touch man will mint money with DILWALE and sway the audience.

3) Though DILWALE may not have the big name (like BAJIRAO) to back their distribution, multiplexes would still opt or a more powerful and popular star i.e. Shah Rukh Khan to gain more footfalls.

4) BAJIRAO appears to offer better cinematic experience but Shah Rukh and his film DILWALE are entertainers. So, perhaps audience might prefer entertainment over drama (offered by BAJIRAO)

5) The magical pair of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol is back once again (after a long time). So the ardent fans wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to catch them together after years. Moreover, SRK-Kajol pairing has never gone wrong. So, the makers of DILWALE are also optimistic about this fact and therefore haven been encashing on it from day one.

6) DILWALE is a mass potboiler, while BAJIRAO is for class audience. So DILWALE may cater to a wider audience.

7) DILWALE is packed with sleek action, stylish elegant cars, jaw-dropping locales which has already captivated our minds.

8) History proves that none of the films that dared to release alongside or clash with Shah Rukh Khan's mega flicks could survive at BO. In fact, Shah Rukh's films were too hot to handle for them (KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI V/S BADE MIYAN CHOTE MIYAN, MOHABBATEIN V/S MISSION KASHMIR, OM SHANTI OM V/S SAAWARIYA, DON V/S JAANEMAN, JAB TAK HAI JAAN V/S SON OF SARDAR are some of the examples).

9) On the flipside of what we said above, we feel people have already experienced a regal warrior fare BAHUBALI earlier and it is still strong in our memories (especially the character of 'Kattappa' which is still resonating in our minds). So, we wonder if the audience wants to yet again experience a warrior film in the form of BAJIRAO now. In that case, DILWALE might be a fresh outing for the cine-goers this season.     

10) And, and if all this is not enough, then Shah Rukh Ke Paas 'Bhai' Hai! Perhaps, SRK's Hukkum Ka Ikka (ace card). Yes, Shah Rukh Khan has the messiah of Bollywood Salman Khan to endorse DILWALE enough. Aur Jab Bhai Ne 'Commitment' Kar Di Hai 'Dilwalo' Ko Toh Uske fans Kisi Aur Ki Bhi Nahi Sunenge! 

While we have provided our analysis and waiting with bated breath as to who will win this BO battle, its up to audience to decide now what they will prefer at the end of the day, despite knowing the content of both the films. After all they are the ones, who will ultimately determine the fate of DILWALE and BAJIRAO MASTANI (on December 18, 2015).

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