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For the unacquainted, Nikhil Advani explains what KATTI BATTI means!

July 13, 2015 6:17:26 PM IST
By Jahnavi Patel, Glamsham Editorial
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Imran Khan & Kangana Ranaut's upcoming film KATTI BATTI's director Nikhil Advani has cut three special promos of his upcoming film KATTI BATTI which were called, 'Maddy And Payal's Bedtime Story', 'Maddy And Payal's Sunday Brunch' and 'Maddy and Payal On A Long Drive”, to explain & make the concept of the film and its title KATTI BATTI clearer. But what is surprising is that these promos will not be a part of the film and they are only for promotions. 


Probe if there is any particular reason behind the promos not being a part of the film and he says, “No because these are basically promos for promotion, no particular reason. We also thought about these after the film was ready; script was done, film was shot and we basically felt that how should we make KATTI BATTI more synonymous as a catchphrase and people should understand what KATTI BATTI is all about. Different parts of this country use katti batti in different ways.
He further went on to add, “Also like I said earlier, I wanted Maddy (Imran) & Payal (Kangana) to become one of us; let people understand who Maddy and Payal are.”

Nikhil had said that for him & his wife, it is katti batti every day. When asked him if the film is inspired from something, he said, “Ya, it is inspired from my marriage itself, my relationship with my wife, prior to that my girlfriend or relationships that everybody has had. The way people approach every day, in a relationship, whether it is making coffee, waking up from this side of the bed, going into the bathroom and not putting the seat down; everything is a part of that.”

“What we have shown in the trailer is literally 10 percent of what the film actually has. The trailer that was cut by UTV said so much of the film without giving away too much more also. So now, we have so much more to say. You will keep seeing more and more stuffs,” he said.

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What was a little difficult for us to digest was that there are a few people, who are unaware about the meaning of ‘katti-batti'(an expression & gesture that almost all of us know since we were little toddlers). To explain that, he has made the promos which will not be a part of the actual movie that we'll see in the theatres. Now only the makers will be able to tell us if explaining the term ‘katti-batti' was the only reason behind those promos or is there a catch in that!

And with the amount of confidence & surety Nikhil is saying that KATTI BATTI has much more to offer than what we saw in the trailer, we hope we are not disappointed & let down by the makers! All we can say is good luck for the film and hope it doesn't fail to entertain the masses and not to forget impress the critics!

KATTI BATTI is set to release on 18th September, 2015.

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