An open letter to the BEFIKRE Aditya Chopra

December 6, 2016 10:01:55 AM IST
By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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No ‘Palat' (turning back), this use to happen during 90's, I was just checking his a*s says Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) to Dharam (Ranveer Singh). Oh oui bébé (Oh Yeah baby in French) Bollywood candy floss goes BEFIKRE (carefree) then why are you sh*t scared dear Aditya Chopra.

All those bold, sexy and carefree terms were getting associated with your ‘second first film' – BEFIKRE but personally I was not that excited though I was eagerly waiting for December 09 to find how this time you will write your on screen love letter to your valentine. But as the restless 20 something of todays, the mysteriously ‘hidden' 45 year old Aditya Chopra who avoids the media galare today suddenly shared his journey from DDLJ till date with the media making me write this to you.

I am an avid follower of love stories churned out from Yash Raj Films since its inception in 1973 with DAAG: A POEM OF LOVE by your father the master filmmaker Yash Chopra. Yash Chopra in his romanticism was seen ahead of his times – KABHIE KABHIE, SILSILA, LAMHE are proven testimonies of Yash Chopra's mature take on relationships. It's an irony that Yash Chopra is more remembered for introducing the Alps of Switzerland and tulips of Europe to India then his dynamic range in directing romancers and social blockbusters like DEEWAR and TRISHUL.

Anyways coming back to you, in the world of smart phones, slick wheels and trendy gadgets it's ironic to find the director of the cult Indian romancer DDLJ Aditya Chopra after 21 years coping with the ‘cool' quotient of today's young and restless in BEFIKRE while Yash Chopra was ahead of his times.

In whatever trailers and promo materials that are coming out, BEFIKRE also seems to suffer from this ‘cliché' mentality that being sexy and open for s#x is ‘smooching' hot and majority of India's new generation think like Shyra and Dharam - the characters of Vani and Ranveer but the ground reality seems to differ. In this forward and free thinking atittude a bhangra song pops up in Paris with firangs that proves your probable worry of losing your ‘traditional' audience.

So is the ‘carefree' BEFIKRE worried more about the YRF stamp and ruled by the market demands but marketed as a new age romancer that will break norms. Well that time will tell. But Aditya whatever be the case, let me tell you that the MOHABBATEIN (love) of the audience with YRF is more because of DDLJ and RAB NE BANA DI JODI and less with SHUDH DESI ROMANCE.

This time your romance has gone from ‘desi' (Indian) to ‘videshi' (foreign) with foreign crew, locations, even dialogues at some places but still I have this gut feeling that after checking the ‘a*s' of that man,  Shreya will ‘palat' (turn) back to Dharam in this movie making the audience happy. So no need to be sh*t scared dear Aditya Chopra and if you prove me wrong and come out something revolutionary with BEFIKRE that speaks beyond our times then voila you can remain BEFIKRE (without worry fear) for years.

Thank you (for coming out in open) and making me fikar (worry) about your BEFIKRE.


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