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Arjun Kapoor: Used to imitate Kareena Kapoor Khan as Poo even before I became an actor

March 30, 2016 4:18:16 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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This ‘Ishaqzaada' soon turned a ‘Gunda' and now he's trying to convey through his latest film KI & KA that ‘Streeling Pulling' is the same thing! Yes, we're talking of Arjun Kapoor who dared to do an out-of-the-box movie and how well is he portraying that character on-screen! He in fact spoke to us in depth about the film, TV show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi', his upcoming project HALF GIRLFRIEND, working with Kareena and Swaroop Sampath and much more…

Here are some excerpts from the interview:


What made you take up the project?
When I met Balki sir, he narrated 2 ideas to me - the first one was a simple romantic film, that was a boy-girl lead who fall in love and have problems. I reacted vaguely positive to it. I was just excited to meet Balki sir and work with him. He told me that he had another idea, but wasn't sure about when did he want to execute that. He still narrated 2 lines - 'Every boy grows up wanting to be like his father. What if a boy grew up wanting to be like his mother?' I got very intrigued by just these two lines and wanted to know more, but that was only possible when he would write the film. He needed an actor willing to play a character like that. It's not easy to find a young hero who would in the cliched sense, play heroine. He came back once he wrote the script and things worked out. The boy is an IIM graduate in the film, but has a very clear reason why he doesn't want to work. He wants to be a homemaker because he believes that's a job. Nobody gives the housewives their due. It deals with a very relevant concept. Hopefully, this film will make you stop for a second and maybe appreciate the homemakers. 70% women don't have a choice but to get married into somebody else's house and run it.

How is the whole experience for you?
We shot for 40 days so couldn't experience much. It was fun like always with a romantic film. More so, an urban, contemporary, romantic film because you relate to it. When you do an ISHAQZAADE, you have no reference point as the boy who's grown up in Mumbai. When you do 2 STATES, you understand the romance a bit more because you'd also react similarly. I enjoyed working with Kareena and Balki. It was a very intimate film we shot on one set in YRF, Delhi, Dubai. It was my first outdoor shoot out of India in 7 films.

What are the preparations you did for this role?
I learnt cooking, sweeping the floors and cleaning the utensils. I didn't have to bargain much because whoever gave me supplies used to agree at any price I say. The main preparation was cooking. It is easier for you to cheat, but I learnt it because I wanted to look comfortable in the kitchen. Men will not come watch me in the beginning of the movie, so I wanted to make sure you women are convinced. Eventually I learnt basic stuff like making an omelette.

'Whoever gave me supplies for KI & KA used to agree at any price I say'

A change you find in yourself after doing the film?
I did the film because I'm a certain way. So it's not like I realized a lot after doing the film. One thing I respect a lot is women who wear heels and of course, for being homemakers. Even I have taken that thing for granted with my mom. In a country like ours, we rely so much on women, but take them for granted. Now I know that when things are going haywire in my relationships, I've done a film which will remind me of the good and bad times of life. I genuinely have a lot of respect for women and think this film has taken it 10 fold forward. I do also feel that many more men should be allowed to be the way they are. If they're not ambitious, why should they have to forcefully work or do a 9-5 job? Let them make their choices! This film also predominantly deals with husband and wife who respect each other's choices. But the world has a lot of problem with that, which shouldn't exactly matter!

Do you think your TV stint will help you gain more audiences?
I would sure hope so else it's a waste of time. TV is a very spontaneous connect with the audience. The TRPs and feedbacks have been good. Genuinely people have appreciated the texture of my hosting which is unique. The good part is that people get to discover the personality of Arjun Kapoor. Lot of people thought I'm very laid back, uninteresting, ever-angry with the world and don't like people. When I did IIFA, I got to know that people enjoy my humour. More than anything, I think your personality should be out there otherwise you can't survive in this profession anymore. You can't just sit in the house and expect people to like you. I was reluctant to begin with, which is why I took time to get on social media. I love doing TV and think I got the coolest show. It's scale of epic proportion with stunts, comedy, hot women and Argentina. It's the DHOOM of TV in that sense. So it's a win-win for me.

Are you looking forward to any other show on TV?
I'm a very loyal person and would like to stay that way to ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi'.

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