Purab Kohli's adorable fatherhood chat during ROCK ON!! 2 promotions

November 11, 2016 4:53:44 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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Purab Kohli aka KD from ROCK ON!! has been busy with his current release ROCK ON!! 2. The actor, during a recently held interaction, spoke about fatherhood along with his role in the movie, new TV show P.O.W and more.

Here are the excerpts:


Was it difficult for you to get back into your character of KD for ROCK ON!! 2 after eight years?
It was extremely difficult for me, being the kind of actor that I am. I like to bring a lot of myself into the part that I play on screen. So, what I was eight years back is something which I have left behind. I am a completely different person now. In fact I resisted it. I found it quite hard to get back into the zone. Shujaat wanted to retain a lot of things in KD that he was in the last film. So I was fighting my way out.

Arjun said that his character in ROCK ON!! 2 is very different from what he played in the first part. Is that the same case with your role too?
Arjun's character has been completely flipped around in ROCK ON!! 2. If you remember, my character KD was extremely lovable who wore his heart on his sleeve, loved making and performing music. He was fond of his friends. He is still that person in ROCK ON!! 2. But in the earlier film he was naturally that person whereas in part two he is holding on to being that person and that's his problem.

How easy was it for you to welcome the new members to the Magik Band?
It was quite refreshing to have Shraddha Kapoor in the film, firstly because she is an extremely beautiful girl with a wonderful smile and it's nice to have some female energy around you *giggles*. She's a lovely, sweet girl. She sings well too so that adds more flavor to the film. We used to have jamming sessions in the evenings. I feel that even Farhan has bonded more in ROCK ON!! 2 than the earlier film.

Did you ever expect ROCK ON!! to be huge hit?
Not me at least. I didn't know what a successful film was before ROCK ON!! The first time when I saw myself in that film I was like 'wow'. So, I had no expectations from ROCK ON!! and strangely I don't have one from the sequel too. Between ROCK ON!! and this new film I know how my movies fared at the box office *laughs*. However, there is definitely a hope that people acknowledge all the hard-work that went in making this film and enjoy watching it.

Did you take up this film as a nostalgic one or was it that you viewed it as a completely fresh project?
I think when you do a film which is so special to you and is such a huge cult film, it did a lot to me. Whether you like the script or the director or not, you instantly say a yes because it's now engraved in your DNA. You are known as that character. KD from ROCK ON!! has stuck with me forever. Of course, there is a nostalgic value attached to it but it's more about being loyal to the brand. The makers have worked on an excellent story line for the sequel, keeping in mind of all the characters of the first film including the new ones. ROCK ON!! 2 has a very intelligent script.

You are back on the small screen with your new TV show P.O.W...
I hope that it does well. I speak to so many journalists and the first question that they ask me is, is this going to change the existing scenario of the TV shows. I can't answer that question because the audience is very strange when it comes to their likes and dislikes. Also you have to pay attention to the TRPs and sponsorships. But there is a large hope that P.O.W does really well. If it does well then it will change the phase of the Indian TV industry. There is a hope that P.O.W would rescue the TV industry considering the content that people are being forced to produce these days *laughs again*

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