This is what Arjun Kapoor has to say about Anil Kapoor

October 5, 2016 11:58:58 AM IST
updated October 25, 2016 10:36:34 AM IST
By Glamsham Editorial
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Anil Kapoor is currently seen in 24 season2. He has always shied away from talking about his family on open platforms.


However on a famous talk shot Anil and his nephew Arjun Kapoor spoke in length about their relationship.

Quite contrary to what the world would think of their equation to be, Anil Kapoor opined that he doesn't give his children any advice on acting!

Anil said, “To be honest with, nobody really gives anybody any advice. We let everyone experience their own journeys. We're always there.”

Arjun Kapoor too agreed with his chachu and said, “I always believe one thing is your choices should be your own because tomorrow whether it is success or failure, you should not point a finger at somebody else and say you told me to do this or you were saying to do this. It has to be an organic process that comes from within you. Like, I have sat with him and spoken but he does not tell me how I should become a better actor. You just have a conversation that stays with you. Like, just now he (Anil) was sitting here, before the interview started and he said, “Don't think about the fact that you start sweating. It's a very irrelevant thing for acting that learning has no context in a performance but it's a psyche that allows me to say you know this man after so many years has that thought process; you've to inculcate it within yourself also! So it doesn't have to be what advice he's given me, it's what I'm also willing to absorb out of being around him.”

Indeed Arjun and Anil are giving us major family goals!


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