Inaamulhaq: Akshay Kumar is a genuine person & I enjoyed working with him in JOLLY LLB 2

February 3, 2017 2:53:55 PM IST
By Pooja Sharma, Glamsham Editorial
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Last year AIRLIFT starring Akshay Kumar released and it was declared as the first hit of 2016.

Interestingly, one of the characters from the film, in spite of having a very small role, stood out strikingly and it was of Major Khalaf Bin Zayd played by Inaamulhaq, a terrific actor who was previously seen in National Award winning film FILMISTAAN and FIRAAQ.

In the upcoming court-room satirical drama JOLLY LLB 2, Inaamulhaq will be seen in a significant role sharing screen space with Akshay Kumar all over again.

In a candid interview actor-scriptwriter Inaamulhaq opens up about his significant character in JOLLY LLB 2, working with Akshay Kumar again and his passion towards cinema.

Here are the excerpts:


Tell us about your character in Jolly LLB 2. Are you again playing an antagonist to Akshay Kumar's character in this film?
My character is a very significant in Jolly LLB 2 but if I reveal anything more than this then it will become a spoiler. All I can say that my character enters at very crucial point in the film. Though my screen space is not lengthy, but I promise the way my character in AIRLIFT was important in the same way my character in JOLLY LLB 2 is going to be impactful as well. And I won't say that I am playing a villain in this film like I did in AIRLIFT. Both the films are of two different genres. The interpretation of my character in JOLLY LLB 2 I leave that up to the viewers.

The prequel was not a typical commercial flick, while this one with a Holi song and dance number seems to be one. What's your take on this?
See when a huge star comes on board the commercial value of any film increases by leaps and bounds. But I can assure you that making wise and the content being offered in this film are still very realistic. So far we have only seen glorified and glossy courtroom sequence which is not at all true in real life. In Bollywood we have seen only typical glossy and stereotype court room scenes. But if you go in a real court, you will find lawyers asking all kind of stupid questions. The kind of courtroom depiction you will see in JOLLY LLB 2 is actually what happens in reality. Despite the clichéd things you have seen in the trailer I can tell you that the realism of the film's content won't be affected.

'Though my screen space is not lengthy my character in JOLLY LLB 2 is going to be impactful.'

How was it working with Akshay Kumar again?
It was amazing. Even during AIRLIFT, right from the day one Akshay sir was very warm and approachable. So it was a very comfortable. Our characters in AIRLIFT had a casual vibe to it so the same was extended towards me by Akshay sir off-screen as well and that's the reason why I was able to pull off the character so convincingly. Since we have worked before we shared a comfort zone on JOLLY LLB 2 sets as well. He is very genuine person and I loved working with him again.

As an actor how has been your journey in Bollywood so far?
Well I would say that my journey in Bollywood has just taken off. All I can say is that post AIRLIFT many offers are pouring in and earlier there was a huge gap between my releases but now that gap has reduced tremendously. This year itself I will be doing 2-3 films. I don't want to repeat any of my characters; I want to attempt new things that hone my acting capabilities. I just don't want to act I want to live my characters.

So with lot of film offers you are spoilt for choice?
I do have many offers but mostly people offer me stereotypical roles. I tell them to call me only when they have good script as I believe that if the script is good then I can make my role good too and not the vice versa.

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