Keegan Pinto: Bollywood is a dhun based industry

February 16, 2017 6:45:21 PM IST
By Pooja Sharma, Glamsham Editorial
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Adman Keegan Pinto got to show his musical talent when he got the chance to compose not just one but two songs in Amit Roy directed RUNNING SHAADI starring Taapsee Pannu and Amit Sadh. Here in a candid conversation the composer-lyricist shares how he got on board as a music composer- lyricist and also why he feels that recreating old classic song is a good trend.


Considering the fact that you come from an advertising background, how did you get on board as a composer-lyricist for RUNNING SHAADI?

Actually, I was always into creating music. I needed a healthy career that feeds you money through music, so that way advertising is an awesome career to be in. Had I been a banker then it would have been a drastic step to compose a song for a film, but that's not in my case because if you see advertising is not that far from creativity. Firstly I love and breathe Bollywood and I have worked with director Amit previously during an ad shoot and when I came to know that he is making a feature film I told him that “Bro I am a musician and I am not that bad just give me a shot” and then rest is history.(smiles)

Did coming from a brief based industry helped ?
Yes absolutely. Since I come from a brief based industry where you have to stick to the clients' requirement, here in Bollywood as well the situation is same. There is situation in the film and you are given a brief and you have to stick to it. So in that way I was able to deliver properly on what was asked from me as a composer. Though the director gives you the freedom to show your creativity but at the same time wants you to stick to his brief. I am hopeful that both my song ‘Faraar' and ‘Bhaag Milky Bhaag' will be liked by the audience.

Were you excited or nervous? How was the experience working in Bollywood?
Well I wouldn't say that I was nervous but yes I was very excited. My songs are nice and hence I am pretty confident about it. Bollywood wants you to produce catchy tunes; if you don't have simple likable tunes then you are in trouble. Likeability and simplicity are very essential in Bollywood. It's not about production or about instrumentation it's all about dhun. Look at the power of musicians like RD Burman, they might not have modern day production techniques but their songs are evergreen. Power of your melody and power of how consistently you deliver such dhun is what is required in Bollywood. Bollywood is a dhun based industry. If the dhun is catchy then the song will be hit.

So are you going to make a complete switch from advertising to composing music for Bollywood?
For time being I am going to juggle with both. I am doing decently okay at both and I can rock both. Maybe in next few years I might full on get into music as I want to experience what it is to be a full time musician at least once in a lifetime.

'The recreated songs will generate more money for Bollywood'

Any music director you look up to as a role model or would love to collaborate with?
A R Rahman sir of course, I mean come on who doesn't want to work with this legend! I also look forward to Vishal-Shekhar's music, those guys are terrific. Amongst singers I would really love to collaborate with Nooran sisters, Wadali Brothers & Bhanwari Devi they are so wonderfully rustic and raw and even love to work with Asha Bhosale ma'am, she has such a wide range and loved by all irrespective of the age group. She is a true legend.

What's your take on the recent trend of recreating old chartbusters or classic songs? Do you personally believe in recreating old songs?
Its good fun yaar, karo yaar. If the recreated song is played in a party and it compels people to get up and dance then what's wrong in that? Music should make everybody happy it's as simple as that. If you want to hear the old version you can listen it! If someone likes the new version they will listen it so that way everyone is happy. The kids of today will get a chance to enjoy on new ‘Tamma Tamma Again' that we got a chance to enjoy on in 90s. This will generate more money for Bollywood which will lead to more creative freedom for the musician. So you see its all good

Do you also sing?
Yes I do sing. I sing my scratches though I don't sing professionally at all. But if given a chance I would definitely sing.

What's next in pipeline?
I am pitching for a film I can't name it right now. Otherwise my journey has begun and I am looking forward to it. I just want work I don't want popularity or money, I want work, one film after the other where I get a chance to take my music to the audience.


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