Sanju 'Baba' with his 'Fairy Godmother' Bhatt

February 11, 2017 9:19:54 AM IST
By Nitin Jain, Glamsham Editorial
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It's almost a year since Sanjay Dutt (Sanju Baba) stepped out of the Yerwada Central Prison serving his jail term. And we the audience is waiting with bated breath to see our very own ‘munnabhai' back on the silver screen. Though there is some action happening around the actor in terms of his biopic being planned/made with Ranbir Kapoor stepping in as Sanju, even Rajkumar Hirani stating that he would make his third instalment of the munnabhai series and announcement of other few projects. But there seems to be something that is keeping him from getting really excited. Not that we know all about the behind the scenes but does this picture say a story in itself.

Sanjay Dutt who is otherwise a very cheerful, bindaas and exciting personality, here seems to be sitting in a very mellowed down stance in front of his, so to say, mentor with seeking eyes to do something for him. How can one forget that it was probably his films like NAAM, SADAK with Mahesh Bhatt that gave Sanjay Dutt his stardom then. There is no doubt that it was Mahesh Bhatt who should be credited in shaping Baba's career. It seems very much like an obedient student/chela waiting for his mentor/guru to use his magical powers and set him sail again. One cannot overlook Mahesh Bhatt's posture of a confident guru who gave Sanjay Dutt a blockbuster with SADAK back in 1991. Well, it seems this could be a hint at new ‘SADAK' (path) in Sanju Baba's acting career. We'd say let it happen and all the very best to Baba.


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