Here's why we don't feel the 'Raabta' with Sushant-Kritis film

June 9, 2017 6:24:07 PM IST
By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
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Right from the time the film was announced, we have been constantly familiarized with the Urdu term ‘Raabta', which means connection. In fact even the makers have been shouting from rooftop that ‘everything is connected' and want us to believe in the idea of CONNECTION! So what is the ‘Raabta' aka ‘connection' in Dinesh Vijan's directorial debut RAABTA a term that was lifted from one of the songs from AGENT VINOD and probably became a seed of thought for the film? Well, it's revisiting ‘Punar-janam' funda, something that Bollywood has done to death.


Right from 50s, the reincarnation genre has been explored in numerous films. However every filmmaker has given it a different treatment but the heart remains the same - A stranger ‘boy' meets stranger ‘girl', they feel the ‘Raabta' and eventually (sometimes either of the partners or both the partners) realize that they have been the premis (lovers) from past janam (or janamo janam), who were separated by another protagonist in the love triangle (here the third angle being Jim Sarbh). On the other side, there have been impactful reincarnation revenge dramas also like KARAN ARJUN, OM SHANTI OM, KARZ, etc but they made their way to our hearts and we wanted to root for the protagonist there. Surprisingly, to add to it reincarnation revenge dramas have worked better than the separated lovers of last birth. Don't believe us? Well these examples prove it enough – PREM, BANJARAN, AB KE BARAS, TERI MERI KAHANI, HAMESHA, EK PAHELI LEELA, etc.

Dinesh Vijan's RAABTA is actually a ‘Cocktail' of all the reincarnation movies, the youth romance that we have witnessed for years. In a nutshell we can say it is an old wine presented in a new bottle made of fresh casting, great production values & presentation. The idea has been retold with Kriti & Sushant, who meet in Budapest, fall in love & make-out within no time, playing the bichde hue premi (separated lovers in the past) some 1000 years ago. Well, the only novelty about the reincarnation here is that the three souls (Sushant, Kriti & Jim) meet after 1000 years and that has been provided with some logic by the 323-year old played by Rajkummar Rao.

Being Dinesh Vijan's debut attempt we appreciate his efforts but it seems the director rather concentrated on Kriti-Sushant's pairing, the beautiful locales, costumes & make-up, his fleeting tryst with BAAHUBALI kind of presentation, cinematography, which deserves special mention, and giving it an elegant touch. Throughout the film Kriti-Sushant talk about their connection, but when we actually revisit their past connection, Dinesh fails to make it intense or even give it an emotional touch. Everything is so swift & made-up that you don't feel for any of the characters.

Talking about the actors, Kriti looks ‘Sweet' (just like the chocolates in her shop) & beautiful, her chemistry with Sushant is also crackling. While Sushant is good, he tends to overact at times when he tries to do a Casanova. It doesn't suit him. He especially needs to improvise on his dialogue delivery style. Jim Sarbh's, who impressed one and all in NEERJA, character doesn't have that much depth. Although his character in the past life is somewhat convincing, but as a business tycoon in present times Jim seems unsuitable. On the vice-versa, Sushant's portrayal in the past life is whacky. He even acts weird, leaving us little disappointed.

The treat to sore eyes apart from the beautiful locales of Europe is Deepika Padukone's recreated ‘Raabta' title song.

If the film works for Kriti & Sushant's pairing, then it's okay, otherwise it will be a wasted effort. Hope next time Dinesh can have some ‘Raabta' with his audience, as he seems to have the potential of a good director. A little more hard work on the script and he can go beyond boundaries. Good luck!


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