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Can you believe this? Akshay Kumar is pregnant!

September 2, 2017 1:15:14 PM IST
By Pooja Sharma, Glamsham Editorial

Akshay Kumar is master of all trades. Name one thing he can’t do and you will be amazed to know that there’s hardly anything he can’t do, in fact he can even give birth! 

Now before you jump the gun let us clarify that no, Akshay cannot get pregnant in REAL life (obviously) but he did in REEL life. In a latest promo of ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 5’ Akshay is not just pregnant in fact he gives birth to not just one but 6 babies!

Well the logic behind all this is that Akshay being the Baap (father) of Comedy is about to give birth (read hunt) to not just one but many ‘Comedy Ke Superstar’.

In a series of post the actor kept his fans wondering what he is up to as he wrote that he is craving to eat khatta (sour), has read plenty of books and can even feel the kicks in his stomach(all these are symptoms of pregnancy).  Read his posts below

It was only until he posted the following video that we came to know what exactly Akshay Kumar was hinting at:

Akshay is going to judge this latest offering of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. And we must say that Akshay’s sense of humor is mind blowing and we really love him for promoting his projects in a very humorous and innovative ways.

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