Rishi Kapoor on nepotism: Is Ranbir getting work because he is my son?

September 11, 2017 1:04:24 PM IST
By Ruchita Mishra, Glamsham Editorial
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Rishi Kapoor is fearless never shies away from speaking his heart out or making his point on social media. Rishi has been part of many controversies due to his strong portrayal of words.


While the entire industry is speaking about nepotism,  Rishi Kapoor, who belongs to the filmy Kapoor khandaan, has also joined the debate.

At a recent interaction to promote his film, PATEL KI PUNJABI SHAADI he said that nepotism takes place everywhere.

Rishi says, “Nepotism is very valid in today's time. Nepotism has happened in Indian politics, in factories and mills, in every industry possible. The chair just goes to the next generation, whether he/she is capable or not capable, the factory is on autopilot, so the signatory is the immediate next son or the heir. One can get a film only on his surname, but can only carry on if he or she is talented.”

Speaking further he added, “But in cinema, you cannot impose on the audience that he or she is someone's son or daughter. The original star son in this industry was Raj Kapoor. Prithvi Raj Kapoor was a star himself, but will you say that Raj Kapoor was there only because he was Prithvi Raj Kapoor's son; won't you agree that he had merit? Rishi Kapoor worked for forty-five years, and still working, is Rishi Kapoor getting work only because he is Raj Kapoor's son? Ranbir Kapoor has been working in this industry for the last ten years, is he only getting work because he is Rishi Kapoor's son? We all have merit! We are chosen by the common man! Just as politicians are chosen, we are chosen too! There is an advantage and disadvantage. There is a curiosity to see an actor, his/her son or daughter. At the same time there is a disadvantage, that person has to carry so much baggage as the audience is going to compare them with their father or mother. And you are only good till your first film.”

PATEL KI PUNJABI SHAADI releases this Friday.


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