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   Movie Preview : Manthan - Ek kashmash

Manthan - Ek kashmash

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Film Industry seems ready to join hands against piracy menace. Film MANTHAN -EK KASHMASH is the exemplary instance, which has raised its voice to combat this problem. Producer & Director Kumar Raj solely undertook the subject and subtly dealt with it. A sincere attempt has been made by Kumar Raj to use the medium of the film to cause an awareness of the negative side of the film industry due to piracy and has been supported by the entire film fraternity in India. All India film Associations & Unions, Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) and Dadasaheb Phalke Academy. MANTHAN - EK KASHMASH is a result of extensive research and hard work put by him and his entire team to place a very grave piracy problem of the entire film industry in the format of Hindi feature film which is also very entertaining Crime thriller. Kumar Raj has received for the year 2007 an award from the entire film fraternity through Nami reporter 'Award For Contribution To The Film Industryí for making the first film on piracy.

The film is a drama and a thriller, which deals with the underworld gang wars. The protagonist, Mr. Dev (Sanjay Kumar) is a genius nuclear scientist who has been selected by the defense ministry to undergo further training in IIT Powai. He gets entangled in the underworld wars during 1985/1995 period, as he involved in a project to stop film piracy which was literally killing the film industry.

Later the hero loses his parents in the gang war & how he eventually takes his revenge. Dev meets his childhood friend Dr. Pooja (K Radhikka), who has studied medicine in Vicenza, Italy. She works at the IIT hospital, where the hero falls in love with her. Dr. Pooja, for the sake of love does everything possible for Dev in his struggle to recover from the events which happen due to his involvement in the anti film piracy project.

This film is a very entertaining way to educate the masses, government and all concerned regarding the involvement of international & local mafias in film piracy & will hopefully contribute in curbing film piracy.

Sanjay Kumar as Dev Shastri -
Dev Shastri, a protagonist is a scientist from small town Kakinada in India. He has completed doctorate in nuclear physics, he is a patriot who gets selected for a special course in IIT Mumbai to be conducted by ministry of defense for later joining the Research and Analysis Wing of the armed forces. During his special course in Mumbai he gets entangled with underworld, due to which his life changes completely.

Kradhikka as Dr. Pooja Sahani -
Dr. Pooja Sahani is a childhood friend of the protagonist Dev Shastri as has spent her childhood in the same small town Kakinada. She goes to Vicenza, Italy to pursue her dream to become a doctor, coincidently after completing her studies, she picks up a job as a Neuro surgeon in the same institute i.e. IIT Mumbai where the hero Dev is doing a special course in defense. Her friendship turns into love and because of her love she does every possible thing for Dev, she helps him in coming out of the various problem.

Ram Sujan Singh as The Don Dawoodia Pathan -
Dawoodia Pathan is one of the biggest Don of underworld. He is very powerful and influential. His underworld business is in Gold and Silver smuggling during 1985 period, his main passion was film industry in which he had invested millions of rupees. He quietly supports the protagonist Dev Shastri who is involved into an anti film piracy project. His Lieutenant Chota Khatri leaves him and dares to establish his own gang and also goes into film piracy business, which leads to a big gang war in which the protagonist gets involved and loses his entire family.

Ranjeet as Dr. Ranjeet Batra -
Dr. Ranjeet Batra is the topmost clinical psychiatrist in India. The protagonist Dev Shastri goes into a severe depression after losing his parents in gang war due to film piracy project he had started. Dr. Batra who is psychiatrist plays a very important role, he uses his hypnosis techniques to analyze and help Dev come out of deep depression and Schizophrenic symptoms.

Bharat Kapoor as Mukhiya of the town, Kakinada -
Mukhiyaji is very close family friend of protagonist Dev Shastriís family. He is a witness to the killing of Devís family in Kakinada. He is very religious person and an honest man.

Alok Nath as Dr. Khan -
Dr. Khan is a senior Doctor employed At IIT Powai Hospital where the protagonist Dev is admitted due to head injury. Dr. Khan is a good friend of Dr. Ranjeet Batra, who helps Dr. Khan in analyzing and treating Dev Shastri. He is also the boss of Dr. Pooja Sahani, treats her as his daughter and helps her out emotionally and professionally.

Raza Murad as Virendra Babu Shastri -
He is the elder brother of protagonist Dev Shastri. Shastri Bothers lost their father during Indo-Pak war because of being in the defense force; hence Virendra (elder brother) takes care of Dev as his Son. Virendra Babu being well educated commands lot of respect in the small town Kakinada. He later gets killed due to his brother Dev Shastri, who gets involved with underworld due to film piracy project.

Ali Khan as Commander Rathod -
Commander Rathod remains a mystery as he covertly steps into the life of the protagonist Dev and takes him secretly to Western Naval Headquarters department where he wants Dev to help him in decoding a Morse code message being sent on scrambled frequency, as Dev was genius. Commander Rathodís presence is real or imaginary is revealed in the film towards the end.

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