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Movie Preview : 3 Nights 4 Days

 3 Nights 4 Days

3 Nights 4 Days Movie Preview

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view 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS movie stills

view 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS movie stills

Maxwell Entertainment Pvt Ltd presents Trio Cafe Pvt Ltd's film 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS. Presented by Maxwell Entertainment's Sunil J Pathare 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS is produced by Ryan Semelha, Amit Kumar Mahto, Devang Dholakia.

Mysteriously titled, 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS is directed by Devang Dholakia. Starast of this energetic, youthful film includes Anuj Swahney, Farid Amiri, Madhuri Bhattacharya, Samir Aftab, Pinky Harwani, Areesz Gandh, exotic beauty Sanda Caktas and last but not the least Hrishita Bhatt.

Music of the film is composed by Daboo Malik and choreography is by Longinus Fernandes. It has been exclusively shot on the exotic locations of the beautiful coastal city Goa, filled with beaches and scenic places.

3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS is about love and friendship. It also gives a picture of the changing equations between friends over the time. The story revolves around five friends who haven't seen each other from long time and get together in one of the friends marriage. Wedding ceremony is being arranged for '3 Nights and 4 days' and all that happens during this period is the film all about.


Rahul, Rocky, Amay, Priya, Antara, Zoha were best of the friends in Pune University... It's been three years since they passed out and parted their ways...they all were completely out of touch, being busy in their respective careers...Now Rocky is getting married in Goa with his two year old girlfriend Marianne who is from Croatia...this is the time of reunion...old friends reunite to join Rocky on his wedding in Goa...but things are not the same with Rahul, Priya and Zoha...their personalities have changed, their ideologies have changed, their commitments and goals have changed while Amay and Antara are just the same they set off on this trip, things start coming out in the form of conversations and activities...they all witness Marianne backing away from the commitment of marriage leaving Rocky bereft but she finally comes back after realizing that falling in love with Rocky was the best thing to happen to her..

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download 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS wallpapers

Character details:

RAHUL - Rahul is the rich guy. deals in shares...knows market in & out...has a great intuition...his predictions about the market ups & downs have never been wrong...making a lot of money has always been his foremost desire...he is introvert, smart, hates traveling... Sensex is always on his mind...he believes that he doesn't really needs a girl friend because he already has a girlfriend named Sensex...he used to be simple and didn't knew anything about girls and sex, though many girls were interested in him in the college because of his good looks and sharp analytical skills...but last three years, living in Mumbai, his whole persona has changed...he is known in the Mumbai stock market as the PLAY BULL...he now is a girl charmer and loves one night stands...his biggest weakness is a fear that someday his predictions will start going wrong and he also has a secret buried in him...he is busy minting money and one day he receives a call from Rocky...he is least interested but he has to go because he wants to see someone after a long time...

ANTARA - Hot & sexy babe...known for her flirtatious nature in college...she used to say in college publicly that even a thumbnail picture of Brad Pitt can turn her on...she was a part of the most talented theatre group of Pune and was considered a fabulous actress... now she acts in a popular daily soap and is always seen in Page 3 parties with different guys...she was mad about Rahul in college, because according to her he looked like Brad Pitt...but Rahul was very 'seedha' at that time...because of that Antara couldn't sleep with him despite of so many the last few years she has realized something very peculiar about herself...nonetheless, she is the same girl, a sex maniac and her desires are still not dead...she is looking forward to this trip...

AMAY - He is a tall, muscular guy from Haryana...he is hot with 8 pack abs and broad shoulders...he is not very intelligent and it takes him quite some time to understand things...he thinks that he has a great sense of humors...he had always wanted to become a model and has gone really far on steroids and drugs in order to have a good the drugs have started taking toll on his body but he continues to ignore it and remains high on life...he and Rocky used to work out together, so he is the one who is most happy for Rocky...he is really looking forward to make Rahul jealous with his increased biceps and toned up legs...

PRIYA - She was known to be most cold girl in the college...she never liked dressing up though she had good looks and features...then she put on a lot of weight and got even more unattractive...she was a health science student but didn't had a clue about her own body...then, Baba Ramdev completely changed her life...following his programmes on TV, she became a Yoga and fitness expert...while doing all those asanas all these years, her mind and body have undergone a complete she is die hard romantic and always keeps a copy of DDLJ with her...she is curvaceous and high on she is a well known fitness expert and has in her client list a whole lot of celebrities...she is very excited about the reunion but as the trip goes off, something makes her stay very unpleasant...

ZOHA - Average looks, sharp brains...she hails from an affluent Hyderabadi Muslim family...she is very creative and witty...she always knew what she wanted from life...while she was studying fashion designing, she got an award from NIFT for the student designer of the year and it was predicted that she will be a big fashion designer one day...she had a great liking for sarcasm and Madonna was her idol...but the secret thing about her was her liking for girls...she really liked Antara but hated her for her wayward nature...last year she was in news for her controversial relationship with a big fashion designer whom she was assisting...people in fashion circuits are aware now that she is a bisexual...her family has disowned her but she is not bothered and making progress with her own newly opened store in Pune ...she is very excited for the soon to be wedded couple and is designing the clothes for them...

ROCKY - Hugely talented...a trained musician...he plays around 5 musical instruments including saxophone and guitar and also sings well...he was studying fine arts, went to Goa in the vacations, got a great tuning going with a local Jazz band and started playing with them...he left studies and decided to settle in night a solo saxophone performance got Marianne, a Mexican tourist, falling head over heels for they have decided to get married...but Rocky's luck has always betrayed him...he has been hugely unlucky, wanted to record an album with a big company but his samples got rejected not once but five times...his throat always got bad on the day of big performances...he is keeping his fingers crossed now, that this marriage of his, happens...

MARRRIANE - Marriane is a life guard by profession her hearts is of an Angel...hails from Croatia and comes to Goa as a tourist and falls completely in love with Rocky and decides to marry him. But she has no idea what awaits her in the next 3 nights and 4 days...

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