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   Movie Preview : Dhuaaan


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view DHUAAAN movie stills

view DHUAAAN movie stills

DHUAAAN... The title of the movie itself reflects what it is trying to convey. It is symbolical, not just in a way that it tells us about the pollution permeating through people's lives and minds, but also reminds us of a much more relevant global issue. An issue, that everyone is definitely aware about by now, but not many have bothered to act against Air pollution.

The control over the Earth is slipping from our grasp - The movie takes this into perspective, and using it's narrative and characters, it tells us that all these issues are not someone else's problem, it's high time We stand up and do something about it...for us, and for the sake of our posterity.

DHUAAAN... FROM THE FIRE WITHIN is a film, which reflects the indifference of various people in the society towards truth and duty to maintain a balance in the nature and world due to personal profits perks and also due to the common feeling of 'what can I do alone?'.

view DHUAAAN movie stills

view DHUAAAN movie stills

Only people with power and money control the world's systems. But the protagonist, with the support of very ordinary and common people, motivates the entire indifferent and insensitive society to move towards the truth, But does she makes a difference to the society? What happens to the so-called perfect world of love and happiness with her husband? Akshara and Suhaas a middleclass couple in love but different in their ideologies. They go through a journey of struggle, victory and then facing the ugly truth of life alongside with other important characters - a doctor couple, colleagues Ranjit and Manjit, and an honest yet cynical Mr. Khare, the most ruthless businessman Mr. Kamal Chopra, who face the trauma of losing and winning this strange battle for life - this forms the story of Dhuaaan, reflecting the fog in our mindsets, system and world of power in the name of civilization and progress. Woven in the format of emotions, with optimum use of songs, it's a journey of the most essential and important values of life.

A Poetic, dramatic and beautiful Story of two people very different but in love they laugh cry and fight together, but can they be together in the test of fire of life's naked truth.

Does it become all ash and no fire or DHUAAAN... FROM THE FIRE WITHIN?

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