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   Movie Preview : My Name is Anthony Gonsalves

My Name is Anthony Gonsalves

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View My Name is Anthony Gonsalves Movie Stills

View My Name is Anthony Gonsalves Movie Stills

MY NAME IS ANTHONY GONSALVES is presented by Sahara Motion One Pictures. The Film introduces Nikhil Dwivedi in and as Anthony Gonsalves. It also stars Amrita Rao, Pavan Malhotra, Mithun Chakraborthy and Anupam Kher.

After a splendid performance in VIVAH Amrita Rao is exploring new avenues in Bollywood. With her girl-next-door looks she stunned the audience in movies like ISHQ VISHQ, MAIN HOON NAA, MASTI, etc. In this new flick she’ll be seen in a glamorized avtaar. Amrita has come long way from non-glamour to glamorous cinema.


Anthony Gonsalves: Debutante Nikhil Dwivedi brings the naive Anthony Gonsalves to life as the new kid on the block with conviction.

Riya: Girl next door from VIVAH, tomboy of MAIN HOON NAA, Amrita Rao plays an assistant director and the love of Anthony’s life with effortless ease.

Father Braganza: Dada, man of the moment, The Guru of cool, messiah of the masses, Mithun Chraborthy plays Father Braganza, a man of God and Anthony’s moral compass.

View My Name is Anthony Gonsalves Movie Stills

View My Name is Anthony Gonsalves Movie Stills

Murtuza Seth: Man of many faces, after a string of successful comic outings, Anupam Kher does a serious turn as an underworld don, Murtuza Seth, contemplating retirement.

Sikander Bhai: Critically acclaimed for his role in award winning films such as SALIM LANGDE PE MAT RO, BAGH BAHUDAR and BLACK FRIDAY, and more recently DON, Pavan Malhotra plays Sikander, a man torn between his loyalties towards Murtuza Seth and his affection for Anthony.

Maqsood: The dreaded Jageera of CHINAGATE and the naively idealistic Bachcha Yadav in GANGAJAL, Mukesh Tiwari plays the hotheaded Maqsood with mercurial intensity.

Riyaaz: LAGAAN, SWADES and APAHARAN are part of his impressive repertoire. Dayashanker Pandey plays the conniving Riyaaz with understated and finesse.

Ms. Bharucha: with a stunning body of work in films such as ZUBEIDAA, MONSOON WEDDING, and KAL HO NAA HO among many others, Lillete Dubey plays Ms. Bharucha with infectious energy.

Inspector Khan: An immensely successful actor in his native Pakistan, Javed Sheikh has in a very short span of time made an indelible mark on the Indian Film Industry. He plays a suave police officer investigating the murder of a dead colleague.

View My Name is Anthony Gonsalves Movie Stills

View My Name is Anthony Gonsalves Movie Stills

Michael: VEER MARATHA SHIVAJI KA BACHAA, D. Santosh broke into the film industry with his crowd-pleasing act as Rajguru in THE LEGEND OF BHAGAT SINGH. He plays Michael, a small time hustler and Anthony’s childhood friend.

Moorthy Dada: Showing immense versatility in films like SATYA, BANDIT QUEEN and HAZAARON KHAWAISHEN AISI, Saurabh Shukla plays veteran cameraman Moorthy Dada who motivates Anthony to follow his dream.


View My Name is Anthony Gonsalves Movie Stills

View My Name is Anthony Gonsalves Movie Stills

Anthony Gonsalves has an extraordinary dream to become a film star.

The Kind-hearted gangster Sikander picks up Anthony, an orphan child, from the streets of Mumbai. He is handed over to Father Braganza, who becomes his moral Guardian. This Shelters Anthony from the grim realities of life. Now, he works as a bartender at jimmy’s pub run by the gang: Murtuza seth, Sikander, Maqsood and Riyaaz. The pub serves as a front for their illegal activities. Anthony, oblivious to the world around him, naively pursues his dreams and falls in love with Riya (Amrita Rao), an assistant director working on Ms. Bharucha’s film.

But fate has other plans when he inadvertently witnesses a murder committed by the gang. Things come head-on when Michael, Anthony’s childhood friend, spills the beans and inspector Khan starts to hound Anthony. Now Anthony is faced with a dilemma. He is indebted to Sikander and looks up to him. Yet he cannot turn a blind eye towards what he has seen.

Friendship, Love, Loyalty, Career all comes into play, as Anthony has to make a moral choice, which may cost him his life.

To know what happens next check it on 11 January 2008.

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