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   Movie Preview : Money Hai Toh Honey Hai

Money Hai Toh Honey Hai

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After giving maiden directorial venture SWAMI Choreographer turned director Ganesh Acharya is back in form with his upcoming comedy MONEY HAI TOH HONEY HAI starring Govinda, Manoj Bajpai, Aftab Shivdasani, Upen Patel, Celina Jaitly, Hansika, Kim Sharma, Ravi Kishan, Prem Chopra, and Archana Puran Singh. Presented by Eros International the film is produced by Big Screen Entertainment. Kumar Mangat's MONEY HAI TOH HONEY HAI is all set to hit the screens on 25th July all over. While the music has been scored by Nitin Arora & Soni Chandi, the lyrics are penned by Sameer.

Character Sketch:

download MONEY HAI TOH HONEY HAI wallpapers

download MONEY HAI TOH HONEY HAI wallpapers

MONEY HAI TO HONEY HAI is the story of 6 different characters.

Bobby (Govinda) is a happy go lucky kind of guy, who live for today, doesn't think or bother much about the future. His father thinks he's good for nothing. He challenges his father that he'll prove him wrong and runs away from home.

Lala bhai (Manoj Bajpai) suddenly become wealthy as he wins a lottery of a crore rupees, but within months he's on the road as he's not a good business man, not a practical but an emotional person.

Gaurav (Aftab Shivdasani) works as a copy writer in an ad agency. He's an honest and sincere guy and it shows in his honest ad campaign. Though, he's one of the intelligent writer, he is always misunderstood by others as he's not a very confident guy, in the process get fired from his company. Not only that, even his girl friend dumps him and marries another guy.

Manik (Upen Patel) is a struggling model, his endorsement limited to cheap under garments so far. He comes in contact with Dolly Kumari, a successful and single middle aged fashion designer (Archana Puran Singh). Hoping she may recommend him for a bigger campaign, he sleeps with her, against his wish though.

Ashima Kapoor
is a very successful TV star but she's not happy with her career and desperate to do films as lead heroine. She finally give up TV and waits for the right break however, her goody goody ideal daughter in law image still haunts her and she only get offers for bhabi or elder sister characters.

Shruti (Celina Jeitely) is a struggling dress designer, who sells her designs to Dolly Kumari in cheap price. Dolly Kumari put her own tag and send the same clothes in more than double price.


MONEY HAI TOH HONEY HAI (MHHH) is about this eventful and whirlwind journey of Bobby, a planner along with 5 losers, Lala bhai, a failed business man, Gaurav, an honest copy writer, Manik, a struggling model, Shruti, a struggling fashion designer and Ashima, a successful TV actress. One fine day, they all get a SMS from some cranky old man Mr. Jaiswal, who tells them they are the owner of his group of companies, which is worth 1000 crores, whom they ignored initially but later somehow decided to give it a thought and finally arrive at the resort. With loads of dream in their eyes, they all reach the resort and start enjoying their newfound positions that of the owner of a resort and textile industries. However, upon their arrival at the resort separately, they realize Jaiswal called not one but all six of them. After the formalities of transferring the ownership, they are very happy and in a celebration mood but it doesn't last for long. The lawyer reveals that there's a loan of 1200 crore on the company and they must repay it and till they repay the loan, they would be house arrested. They are shocked. Batra, the Manager, who eyed the properties play different tricks on them but it doesn't work. Will they be able to run the empire together or try to fight among themselves with Parag Batra, the loyal manager of Jaiswal standing on their way like a rock and instigating them against each other hoping to wipeout them from the scene so that he could be the new MD of this resort.

To know more watch out for the movie on 25th July.

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