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Movie Preview : Right Yaaa Wrong

 Right Yaaa Wrong
Director :
Music :
Starring :
 Neeraj Pathak
 Monty Sharma
 Sunny Deol, Irfan Khan, Isha Koppikar, Aryan Vaid, Konkona Sen Sharma, Anjan Srivastava, Kirron Kher, Deepal Shaw & Shaurya Chauhan.

Right Yaaa Wrong Movie Preview

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view RIGHT YAAA WORNG videos

view RIGHT YAAA WORNG videos

Subhash Ghai's Mukta Arts Ltd presents RIGHT YAA WRONG. Produced under Ikkon Pictures & Mukta Arts Ltd banner the crime thriller is directed by Neerraj Pathak.

The film boasts of an ensemble cast of Sunny Deol, Irrfan Khan, Eesha Koppikhar, Konkona Sen Shama, Deepal Shaw, Aryan Vaid, Govind Namdeo, Sanjay Singh, Ali Haji, Ashok Samarth, Vijay Patekar, Kamlesh Sawant, Arvind Vaidya and Khushbu Gupta.

The music of RIGHT YAA WRONG is composed by Monty Sharma and the lyrics penned by Sameer.

RIGHT YAA WRONG hits the screens on 12th March 2010.


Ajay Shridhar (Sunny Deol) is a brave and an intelligent cop. Some incident happens and he wants to die and he wants his wife (Eesha Koppikhar) to kill him. Will a wife agree to kill her own husband? Why Ajay wants to kill himself? An intriguing tale of two powerful cops and best friends, Ajay Sridhar (Sunny Deol) and Vinay Patnaik (Irrfan Khan), where an intense rivalry leads them on a battle for supremacy. An interesting hide and seek game between them leads to a dramatic confrontation where Radhika (Konkona Sen), ironically Vinay's sister, chooses to support Ajay in this chase of mind games, and Vinay has to fight it out.

The most chilling racy thriller which shakes you up and keeps you on the edge of your seat till you know...
What is Right? and What is Wrong?...

Who Will Decide?

view RIGHT YAAA WRONG movie stills

view RIGHT YAAA WRONG movie stills

Character Sketch:

Sunny Deol as Ajay Shridhar:

Ajay Shridhar is a heroic cop of Goa Police. He is loved by his colleagues and is also lapped up by the media. But the love of Ajay's life are, his wife Anshita and son Yash.

He is an impulsive and a daredevil cop but at the same time he also gives a benefit of doubt to people who indulge in crime circumstantially in order to help them leaving the path of crime.

When his trust is broken he becomes a calculative and a rational person who can out smart even the most intuitive and calculative people & cop. He does what is right according to him.

Irrfan Khan as Vinay Patnaik:

Vinay Patnaik is also a cop with Goa Police and a close friend and associate of Ajay Shridhar. His personality is totally opposite of Ajay as Vinay is calculative and rationale and pays attention to the last details. He's more of an introvert and hence is not media savvy.

The call of duty is Vinay's top priority, for which he is ready to take on anybody and by any means even at the cost of being isolated by his colleagues and his superiors.

Konkona Sen Sharma as Radhika Patnaik:

Radhika is Vinay Patnaik's sister and a lawyer by profession. She's an emotion driven woman. She's a divorcee. She supports Ajay in time of his trouble. Her brother Vinay loves her and supports her morally, but still she is ready to take on her loving brother in the court as she feels her brother is wrongly investigating the case. She's a real woman of substance as despite going through the lows of her life she is still ready to take stand for what she feels is Right.

Eesha Koppikar as Anshita:

Anshita is Ajay Shridhar's wife. She's an interior designer by profession. Ajay adores her completely. She's a modern and independent woman, who seeks a good life for herself. She goes through a personal crisis.

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