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   Movie Preview : Dev D

Dev D

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view DEV D movie stills

view DEV D movie stills

DEV D is a modern take on Devdas the novel written by Sarat Chandra. Though Devdas has been adapted on screen many times and by some illustrious filmmakers like P.C.Barua and Bimal Roy DEV D will still appear as fresh and riveting a tale of love lost and self-destruction.

Classically Devdas has been hailed as the ultimate lover who drowns himself when he looses his love and goes into the path of self-destruction. DEV D on the other hand unabashedly proclaims Dev as the hypocrite who drowns in self pity and as a man who could not stand up for himself.

DEV D breaks all the typecasts of the original novel including it's principal characters. DEV D in essence is the tale of a man who goes into self destruction but the circumstances and the characters he meets are the people we meet and know and are of this generation.

Unlike prior endeavours by filmmakers like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, DEV D is set in modern world where plastic money like ATM debit and Credit cards play more important role than hard cash, there is advance mode of communication like mobile, internet chatting instead of traditional means like telegrams. Globalization has expanded the horizon of technological availability.

DEV D has been shot in the winters of Punjab and Delhi. The backdrop to this saga oscillates between the rustic and colorful Punjab to the Foggy and Dingy lanes of Pahadganj, connaought place and Old Delhi.

DEV D is produced under the banner UTV Spotboy & Bindaas. Directed by Anurag Kashyap it stars Abhay Deol, Kalki, Mahi Gill.

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