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Movie Preview : Ramayana - The Epic

 Ramayana - The Epic
Director :
Music :
 Chetan Desai
 Shaarang Dev Pandit

Ramayana - The Epic Movie Preview

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On this Dusshera, filmmaker Ketan Mehta unleashes mythic storytelling and the expressive depth of 3 D computer animation in the form of RAMAYANA - THE EPIC a timeless tale of love and valor, virtue and honour. The film is a mythological adventure, picturised in a stylized and contemporary manner with quality action sequences rivaling international standards. It has Manoj Bajpayee, Juhi Chawla, and Ashutosh Rana lending their voices to the lead characters of Ram, Sita and Ravan respectively.

A Maya Digital Media production, RAMAYANA - THE EPIC is one of the most ambitious and expensive full length 3 D animation feature films made in India. It has recreated the ancient classic like never before and possesses the enchantment and wonder of the original, presented with imaginative visual virtuosity and an aesthetic visual design.

Sayed Sher Abbas is the editor. Screenplay is by Chetan Desai. Shaarang Dev Pandit has given the music. Art is by Priysm Chatterjee. Rituraj Ramendra Tripathi has written the dialogues.

The film is scheduled to release on 15th October, 2010 


Long... long... ago... in ancient India...

Rama, the prince of Ayodhya, is the eldest son of the mighty king Dasharath, dark and handsome, a great warrior and epitome of all virtues, he is loved by all.
At a 'Swayamvar' or the contest to select the most heroic groom for 'Sita', the beautiful princess of Mithila, Rama breaks the indestructible bow of Lord Shiva and wins the hand of Sita. King Dashrath, happy and contented, plans to crown Rama as his heir and retire. But his third wife, the young Kaikei has other plans. She claims the two boons Dashrath had granted to her long ago, when she had saved his life. First she demands that her own son Bharat be crowned as the king instead of Rama and second that Rama be exiled from the kingdom for fourteen years. Dashrath is devastated.

Prince Rama however decides to honour his father's promise and go into wilderness leaving behind his throne and the kingdom. His loving wife Sita and the devoted younger brother Laxman decide to accompany Rama into the exile.

Bharat however refuses to be a part of his mother's conspiracy. He tries to persuade Rama to return but Rama is steadfast in his resolve. Bharat proclaims that Rama is indeed the king and that he is only the care taker of the throne till Rama's return.

Time passes. Rama, Sita and Laxman settle down in the jungle of Chitrakoot and complete thirteen years of exile.

One day, Surpanakha, the ravishingly beautiful demon princess spots Rama in the jungle and is attracted to him. She proposes to him but Rama, devoted to his wife Sita, spurns her offer. Enraged, Surpnakha tries to hurt Sita and Laxman in retaliation cuts off Surpankha's nose. Surpanakha complains to her brother, the mighty Ravan, the demon king of Rakshasas. Ravan in his anger vows to avenge this insult.

With the help of his magical powers, Ravan creates an enticing illusion of a golden deer. Sita enchanted by the vision asks Rama to get the golden deer for her. As Rama goes after the deer, Ravan disguised as a 'Rishi', a mendicant sage, kidnaps Sita and flies off with her in his flying machine to his Rakshash kingdom of 'Lanka'.

When Rama returns he finds Sita missing.

And so begins his search for Sita. Rama and Laxman travel through the jungles across India following Ravan's trail.

On their way they come across the monkey kingdom of Kishkindha where they meet a band of rebel monkeys led by Sugriv. Sugriv is fighting against the oppressions of the rogue monkey king Vali. Rama agrees to help them. He kills Vali and appoints Sugriv as the monkey king. Sugriv in turn promises to help Rama in his search for Sita. He sends his emissary, the super powerful Hanuman, to help Rama.

Hanuman flies across the ocean in search of Sita and arrives at Ravan's Lanka, the city of gold. He finds Sita imprisoned there. He over hears Ravana asking Sita to marry him but Sita, eternally devoted to Rama, refuses. Hanuman decides to teach Ravan a lesson. He creates havoc in Lanka. He is captured and presented before Ravan. Though a captive, Hanuman advices Ravan to return Sita to Rama and beg for mercy. Ravan, enraged, orders his tail to be set on fire. Hanuman escapes, sets fire to Ravan's Lanka and returns to Rama with news of Sita.

Rama and Laxman march with their army of Vaanars towards Lanka to defeat Ravan and rescue Sita. Crossing dense forests, they arrive at the southern coast where the mighty ocean separates them from Lanka. They construct a floating bridge 'Rama Setu' across the ocean and triumphantly reach Lanka.

And thus begins the epic battle between the forces of good and evil, an amazing demonstration of heroism, and super powers.

Rama the original Indian super hero, defeats Ravan, rescues Sita and returns victorious to the kingdom of Ayodhya.



Character Sketch:
Rama - The prince of Ayodhya, the eldest son of the mighty king Dasharath, is the epitome of heroism. Dark and handsome Rama is a great warrior, an exceptional archer as well as a man of honour and virtue who follows Dharma, the righteous path. He wins Sita, the beautiful princess of Mithila as his wife at a 'Swayamavar', a contest to choose the most heroic husband for her, by breaking the indestructible bow of Shiva. He gives up the throne and the kingdom of Ayodhya to honour his father's promise and goes into exile for fourteen years without any resentment. But when Ravan the demon king or Rakshash kidnaps Sita, Rama goes after him. He crosses the dense forests and the deep ocean with an army of Vaanars and battles the mighty army of Ravan. He defeats Ravan, rescues Sita and returns to Ayodhya, victorious. Calm, composed in adversity and steadfast in his beliefs, he is unwaveringly dedicated to goodness and compassion towards all life forms. He is an ideal son, a loving husband, an inspiring leader and an ideal king. He is the original Indian super hero.

Sita - The princess of Mithila, won by Rama at a Swayamvar to find the most heroic groom for her, is in all aspects the perfect woman - beautiful, brave, loving, loyal, intelligent and strong. The ideal wife of divine beauty with her self-discipline and strong will, she always stands by what is righteous and pure. She decides on her own to give up the luxuries of the palace and accompany Rama in his exile. She endures all the hardships and stays with Rama in the forests for fourteen years. When Ravan kidnaps her and proposes to marry her, she remains strong and faithful and turns down all his enticements. She is an ideal wife of an ideal man.

Laxman - The devoted younger brother of Rama, brave, strong and impulsive, he is completely dedicated to Rama. He gives up the princely comforts and decides to accompany Rama in the exile. He endures all hardships of the jungles but remains ever faithful to Rama and Sita. When Surpankha the demon princess tries to hurt Sita, he cuts off her nose in rage. This leads to Ravan taking his revenge by kidnapping Sita and the eventual war with Ravan. Laxman accompanies Rama in his search for Sita and in his war with Ravan. He fights heroically and even risks his own life to save Rama. He is the ideal younger brother of an ideal man.

Hanuman - The super Vaanar, Hanuman with amazing super powers is a complete devotee of Rama. He makes Rama's cause his own and accompanies him in his search for Sita. He flies across the ocean to Lanka and finds Sita there imprisoned by Ravan. He burns down Lanka and joins Rama with his army of monkeys in his war against Ravan. He fights like a super hero and remains faithful to Rama till the end.

Ravan - The ultimate super villain, Ravan, is the mighty Rakshash king with amazing super powers and knowledge equal to that of ten people, hence is also referred to as having ten heads. He lives in the golden palace on the island of Lanka. With his magical powers and celestial weapons he is the most fearsome opponent. When Laxman cuts off his sister Surpankha's nose, he is enraged. In revenge he kidnaps Rama's wife Sita and flies her to Lanka in his flying machine. He proposes to Sita to marry him but she turns him down and he feels humiliated. When Rama comes with his army of monkeys to rescue Sita, he offers peace if Ravan returns Sita. Ravan decides to fight. His ego will not allow him to surrender. He unleashes all his magical powers in his war against Rama but is ultimately defeated and killed when his own brother sides with Rama and gives out the key secret of his super power.

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