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   Movie Preview : Hanuman Returns

Hanuman Returns

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HANUMAN RETURNSMillions of years ago… the army of demons led by their general, Rahu-Ketu, are ready for the mother of all battles against the Gods. As the bugle is sounded, the two armies charge at each other & are locked in fierce combat. Rahu-ketu creates havoc amidst the hapless armies of the Gods. Fortunately, to the rescue comes Lord Vishnu and throws the demons into space along with their Guru, Shukracharya, whose body then takes the shape of planet Venus a.k.a. Shukra-Grah. Shukracharya curses humankind with a most terrifying fate, ”That mankind would be destroyed by a creature created by its own sins.”

Cut to the present. Hanuman wakes up and on a sudden impulse goes around the world. A child at heart, he sees kids enjoying themselves and expresses his wish to Brahma to make him a kid again.

Brahma agrees and Hanuman is born to a pundit & his wife, Shiela.
Holding the cutest kid in the world, Hanuman’s earthly parents instantly realize that theirs is no ordinary child, but an avatar of Hanuman and hence he is named Maruti.

Maruti is ‘different’ from the other kids. He begins walking by the time he is one month old and talking by the time he is three months old. The one thing that troubles his parents the most is his insatiable appetite!

Maruti starts going to school and immediately makes friends, while setting the record straight for the bullies. Many wild & zany escapades follow, as Maruti cannot seem to keep away from trouble. Enroute, he manages to get the better of the bad guys, who hatch a plan to capture him. They manage to capture him but they have not reckoned with Maruti’s friends around the world.

Maruti‘s rescue sets off another chain of events, which finally snowballs towards fulfilling Shukracharya’s evil prophecy, made millions of years ago…

The fate of humankind now rests on the shoulders of young Maruti…


One of the holy Trimurti, along with Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva. The enigmatic blue God is adorned with heavy golden jewels. All powerful, with a mischievous smile on his lips, he is the bearer of the Sudarshan Charka. His throne is the Sheshnag, and he is the protector of the Gods.

Brahma: He is the Hindu God of creation and part of the holy Trimurti, the others being Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. His consort is Saraswati, the Goddess of learning.

It is with his permission and Narad’s manipulations that Hanuman takes birth on Earth. A grandfatherly figure, he is the all-knowing ’God of Gods’.

Narad Muni: As against his ‘Narayan Narayan’, he gets jiggy with Om Shanti Om, carries a guitar, instead of his normal veena. Dressed up in saffron dhoti, he takes a tour of the entire universe, getting juicy news to the Gods in Heaven. True to reputation, Narad creates mischief wherever he goes.

Evil Forces

Shukracharya: The Guru of all demons. Guru Shukracharya is the very embodime of power, knowledge and evil intent. No wonder he looks like an Aghori and carries a snake wand in his hand that spits venomous fire!

One-Eyed man: God was unkind to him! Gave him only one eye, a crooked posture and a dagger-shaped tooth that hangs out of his mouth at all times! He is the trusted henchman of the owner and carries a terrifying air of menace around himself.

Rahuketu: In the war. Vishnu cuts Rahu-Ketu into two and Rahu and Ketu are formed as two mighty demons. Rahu and Ketu are key plotter in the conspiracy to destroy humanity.

They live on planet Venus with a massive army at their command. Waiting for the right day to attack Earth.


Munni: Munni is well-read, authoritative and a complete Miss Know it all!’ She is mature beyond her years and loves nothing more than imparting her wisdom to anyone who cares to listen.

Daddu: A rich brat and dumb to the core, he is Minkoo’s trusted buddy and loves doing only two things in his life, eating and sleeping.

Maruti: Born as an avatar of Lord Hanuman to save the world from annihilation, Maruti was born to a poor family. Owing largely to his rapid growth, his ever insatiable appetite, his pranks, and his acrobatic abilities and his unbelievable strength, he was soon to become the talk-of-the-town!

Monkoo: A chubby kid with floppy hair, a small but upright nose and big almond eyes, Minkoo is a young geek. He is always bullied by his mates and stays depressed, as his father had gone missing when he was in infant.

However, all that will change when Maruti becomes his friend!

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