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   Movie Preview : Hijack


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download HIJACK wallpapers

download HIJACK wallpapers

Kunal Shivdasani, an Ad filmmaker, whose debut film HIJACK starring Shiney Ahuja, Esha Deol, KK Raina, Mona Ambegaonkar, Kaveri Jha is slated to release on 29th August 2008. Kunalís Aleya Motion Magic has produced this movie alongwith his partner Dinesh Vijan & is being presented by EROS Entertainment. Action Director Allan Amin has guided Shiney all through the movie with the stunts. While Story and screenplay is by Kunal Shivdasani along with Gavendra Agarwal than the Music has been composed by the latest entrants from ad industry - Justin Uday.

HIJACK is not about a man becoming superhero overnight but shows the human nature to acknowledge, accept and win over challenges.

HIJACK is not going to be just another action flick it deals with Hijacking of an aeroplane and the mid air drama and till what extent a father can go to save his daughter who is trapped in the airplane which is hijacked by terrorists.

view HIJACK movie stills

view HIJACK movie stills


HIJACK is an action thriller. The film is about Vikram Madan (Shiney Ahuja) who has ground maintenance job at Chandigarh airport. His social life is limited to one friend Rajeev who is the security chief of the same airport.

As luck would have it vikramís daughter is traveling on the flight that gets hijacked by a group of 6 terrorists working for a man named Rasheed (KK Raina) who has been captured by the Indian police. This flight is forced to land at Chandigarh airport itself.

These terrorists demand the release of Rasheed from the Indian government or they threaten to kill the hostages inside the aircraft at large. The mastermind of this group is a man named Abdullah who remains a mystery till the end. Vikram sneaks inside the aircraft and try to save the life of his daughter priya. Once he breaches into the aircraft with the help of airhostess Saira (Esha Deol) he starts plotting and planning and killing the terrorists one by one. Some innocent passengers become the victim of these angry ruthless terrorists and die. But somehow Vikram and Saira together manage to save the day. The film ends with Vikram succeeding to save Priya. Saira who takes a bullet to save Priya is whisked away to the hospital and the true identity of Abdullah is revealed.

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