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Movie Preview : Daddy Cool

Daddy Cool

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view DADDY COOL movie stills

view DADDY COOL movie stills

Big Pictures in association with Indra Kumar & Ashok Thakeria's Maruti Pictures Pvt. Ltd. presents DADDY COOL, which is all set to release on 28th August 2009.

Directed by K. Murli Mohan Rao DADDY COOL stars Sunil Shetty, Aftab Shivdasani, Ashish Choudhry, Jaaved Jaafery, Rajpal Yadav, Chunkey Pandey, Kim Sharma, Aarti Chhabria, Tulip Joshi, Sophie Choudry, Vrajesh Hirjee, Adi Irani, Prem Chopra, Suhasini Mulay & others.

The film has music by Raghav Sachar and lyrics by Aditya Dhar for title track song 'Daddy Cool', Prashant Ingole for 'Nasha Nasha' song and lastly for dong 'Life Life' both the music and lyrics are given by Farhad - Sajid.



So, what can happen at a funeral? Even if it's the funeral of 'Daddy Cool' Douglas Lazarus? Even if it's in Goa? Tears? Sad speeches? Melancholia? Right?

Wrong!!! When...

The coffin makers deliver the wrong body...

Good Son Steven Lazarus (Sunil Shetty), also an aspiring writer tries to give his father a decent funeral by delivering an eulogy...that includes a description of the rivers of Goa...

Having flown in first class younger brother Brian (Ashish Choudhry), suave, successful and much admired writer from Mumbai, not ready to share responsibility for his mother, says ''he barely has money to support himself and his dogs''...

A rather ''comfortable'' estate agent Pinto (Vijay Patkar) tries to close a house deal for Nancy (Aarti Chabria) Steven's wife who is trying to get away from her mother-in-law Mrs. Lazarus (Suhasini Mulay), who though just bereaved, lives up to her title admirably...

A prospective groom Michael (Aftab Shivdasani) to a cousin, Maria (Tulip Joshi),nervous about meeting father-in-law to be (Naseer Abdullah) comes in completely spaced out because of a hallucinogenic drug given to him out of Maria's junkie brother Harry's (Chunky Pandey) bottle of ''Relaxo''...A knife-wieldingly suspicious Jenny (Kim Sharma) finds her husband Carlos (Jaaved Jaaferi) pleading forgiveness from red-hot model Ayesha (Sophie Choudry)...

The model, told to bestow her favours on a man in a black suit, in order to feature in an ad film, finds herself in a room full of potential employers...A repulsive spit on hands and flick back hair, ROADSIDE ROMEO kind of aspiring boyfriend, Jim (Vrajesh Hirjee) thinks even a funeral is an opportunity to impress Maria...

A doddering old Uncle Murphy (Prem Chopra) in a wheelchair believes in practising ''rapchick'' to get the girls...

And then enters a Blackmailer Andrew (Rajpal Yadav) who has a scandalous secret on the deceased Douglas 'Daddy Cool' Lazarus (Sharat Saxena)

What does happen is complete Madness, Chaos, a laugh a minute!!! A fun-eral?!!! or should we say the fun is real?!!!

view DADDY COOL movie poster

view DADDY COOL movie poster

Character Sketch:

Aftab Shivdasani as Michael: Maria's fiancee who is shit scared of her father. Instead of impressing him, he ends up by embarrassing just about everybody, including himself, by accidentally consuming a drug that makes him wildly delusional, stupidly suicidal and constantly tearful.

Tulip Joshi as Maria: She defied her wealthy and autocratic father for Michael's sake. Now she can do nothing but watch haplessly as Michael careens from one disastrous situation to another in this drug induced state.

Sunil Shetty as Steve: Not too bright, but always wanting to do right, he is the Ogood son who stays with his parents, trying to broker peace between warring wife and mother and now struggling manfully to bring some semblance of dignity to a funeral that's degenerated into a farce.

Aarti Chhabria as Nancy: She loves her good hearted, but ineffectual husband, but just not stand his perfectionist over critical mother in law. She thinks her father-in-law's death is the best chance she has of getting out of the family house and away from a sharp tongued mother-in-law.

Ashish Choudhry as Brian: He's the younger son who's gone away and gained fame and fortune as a novelist. He is self-centered and indulgent and rarely gives a thought to anybody but himself till he's confronted with the crisis that can tear the family and his father's spotless reputation asunder.

Sophie Choudhary as Ayesha: This wannabe model is desperate for a break and willing to go to any lengths to get it. As a result she finds herself trying to do a steamy seduction number in a house full of astounded mourners.


Javed Jaffrey as Carlos: Henpecked by wife, bullied by all, he's expected to do all the hard and dirty work. He does it too, muttering under his breadth and watching helplessly when the credit is taken by somebody else.

Kim Sharma as Jenny: Carlos suspicious wife who's convinced that her husband is cheating on her, that she's taken to following him around wherever he goes and eavesdropping on him whenever he talks.

Chunky Pandey as Harry: Maria's good for nothing brother is as jolly as a junkie can be. It thanks upto him that hallucinogenic drugs get into a bottle marked Relaxo and gets consumed by the unlikeliest of people!

Rajpal Yadav as Andrew: Last but not the least he's the joker of the pack, the cat among the pigeons. His small size belies his larger intentions and the kinky secrets he has up his sleeve are enough to bring the lately deceased Douglas Lazarus sons to their knees.

Prem Chopra as Uncle Murphy: He may be an invalid, bound to his wheelchair but his abuses are extremely robust as are the painful prods from his cane. Woe betides anybody who dares cross him or try to care for him. The consequences can be shitty to say the least.

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