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Movie Preview : Chalo Dilli

 Chalo Dilli
Director :
Starring :
 Shashant Shah
 Lara Dutta and Vinay Pathak

Chalo Dilli Movie Preview

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view CHALO DILLI videos
Eros International in association with Big Daddy production & Bheegi Basanti Entertainment, CHALO DILLI which is slated to release on 29th April 2011.

Directed by Shashant Shah and Produced under Dutta's husband Mahesh Bhupathi's production company, the movie stars Lara Dutta and Vinay Pathak in lead roles.

The music of the movie is given by Gourov Dasgupta, Anand Raj Anand, Sachin Gupta and Rohit Kulkarni


'Be Kind to Whoever You Meet- Because everyone is going Through a Hard Battle--- PLATO'

Chalo Dilli is a road movie. A journey that begins with the dynamic Mihika Banerjea. A strong willed young woman who is a Senior Vice President of a top multinational Financial Institution in Mumbai. A jet setter, go-getter, no nonsense woman, Mihika divides the world into losers and winners and knows which side she is on. Mrs Clear Cut!

The premise is simple. Mihika is heading back home from Mumbai to Delhi (to her banker husband who lives and works there), and misses her flight and encounters Manu Gupta, a podgy and loud ' Ladies Cut-piece' merchant who has a small 10 by 10 shop at Karol Bagh Delhi.

Manu is everything that Mihika isn't. Loud. Crass. Obnoxious. Rude. (He is that guy who talks on his cellphone loudly in the theatre and then spits gutkaa juice in the aisle...). He isn't an idiot. He is very smart. Street smart. But mostly over smart. And they pay for it!

As fate (and the script) would have it... Mihika lands up in a situation where she and Manu are stuck together for the rest of the journey to Delhi.

A bizarre journey full of adventure, madness and crazy comic moments with the oddest traveling couple ever! (She drinks Evian and while he is cool drinking from a bore well...She smokes Virginia Slims, he chews Gopal zarda)

A bizarre journey through air, road and rail from Mumbai, via Jaipur to Delhi.

A journey which along with these two protagonists showcases the real India. Its colorful and funny people and their eccentricities.

But above all it's a journey within for Mihika. Where the real growth happens on reaching her destination of Delhi... (Which is a big moment because getting home turns out to be tougher than she thought...)...

And once she finally reaches Delhi (in a span of a day and a half)....
, tired, worn out and with enough stories to tell her grandkids someday, the moral of the story dawns upon her....

'Do not judge people by face value.... Including yourself'.

Come. Be a part of the craziest roller coaster journey of your lives...with Mihika and Manu, and their resounding war cry 'Chalo Dilli'!!!

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download CHALO DILLI wallpapers
Character Sketch:

Lara Dutta as Mihika Banerja - Mihika Banerja is a Mumbai bred corporate head honcho. She's dynamic, no nonsense and extremely focused on her career of a successful. Sr. Vice President Investment Banking with top multinational bank. She does not compromise in life and is used to getting her way. What helps is her being finicky about things and her fetish for cleanliness. From business class travel to mineral water from the Alps, Mihika is used to having the best things in life. And is willing to pay anything for them, because she seriously believes that nothing good comes for free. She is stuck up, low on patience and demanding. A control freak who gets stressed out when thing's dont go her way.

Vinay Pathak as Manu Gupta - Manu Gupta is a colourful, portly Ladies dress material salesman who has a shop in Karol badh, Old Delhi. Full of anecodates and always ready to strike a conversation with anyone, Manu goes with the flows. His funda in life is : Kaunsi badi baat ho gayi, which means that he doesn't take anything too seriously. Life's challenged don't frazzle him. He takes them in his stride, with a smile and a joke. Manu is extremely street smart and thinks he can outwit any situation, which at times makes him overconfident and gets him (and others) into trouble. A habitual gutka chewer, he will spit around everywhere beacuse of his 'sabh chalta hai' attitude

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