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Movie Preview : Satya 2

 Satya 2
Director :  Ram Gopal Verma
Music :  Sanjeev Darshan, Nitin Raikwar and Ishk Bector
Lyrics :  Kumaar, Nitin Raikwar, Mohd Elhaam, Sonny Ravan, Shree D and Kary Arora
Starring :  Puneet Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti, Mahesh Thakur and Raj Premi

Satya 2 Movie Preview

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Mammoth Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd in association with LR Media presents SATYA 2, a sequel to 1998 movie SATYA which is set to release on 8th November 2013.

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma and jointly produced by M. Sumanth Kumar Reddy along with Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma the movie marks the debut of Puneet Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti and Aradhna Gupta in the lead roles.

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The music of the movie is composed by Sanjeev Rathod, Nitin Raikwar, Darshan Rathod and Amar Mohile while the lyrics are penned by Kumaar, Nitin Raikwar, Mohd Elhaam, Sonny Ravan, Shree D and Kary Arora.


Joint Commisioner of crime Purushottam Naik closes his retiring day speech with the comments ''Mumbai underworld is a closed chapter now''. He warns though that as long as greed for money, resentment towards the rich and rebelliousness towards the system will exist in human nature no civil society can ever wipe out crime... escalation and de-escalation in crime always happens primarily due to a specific individual who might crop up anytime... so wisdom lies in the police constantly readying themselves for that one individual.

Even as he says this, a young man Satyendra, gets off a train at VT station.

He contacts a childhood friend from his town, now living in Mumbai

His friend Naara is a film buff and is relentlessly struggling in the city of opportunity to fulfill his dream of making a film.

Naara takes Satyendra on a sightseeing tour of mumbai but Satyendra is more fascinated with the dark underbelly of the city.

Soon he joins a Real estate firm

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Few months later, on a routine work day, Satyendra's boss, builder Pavan Lahoti tells him to meet an ex gangster, R K, with regard to a problem being created by another builder, Sanghi

R K does not quite enjoy the same clout he used to during his hey days when the mere mention of his name evoked so much fear in the business community that no questions were asked and everyone would just comply with his wishes. On hearing a veiled threat made by R K to Sanghi ACP Bharti, comes on the line and rudely warns RK, asking him to stay out of his builder friend Sanghi's way

A worried R K informs builder Lahoti of his helplessness, in view of ACP Bharti's support to the other builder

Prabhakar mulls over the problem and comes up with a plan to eliminate both Sanghi and the ACP. Although shocked by the audacity of Satyendra, RK and lahoti see logic in Satyendras plan.

In a daring operation, Satyendra eliminates builder Sanghi

ACP Bhartis death is made to look like an accident.

Builder Lahoti and RK congratulate Satyendra. He is rewarded with 25 lacs by Lahoti. Satyendra gets his wife Chitra and his mother to mumbai and sets them up in a flat. Satyendra immenseley loves his wife and also his mother but for obvious reasons he never lets them know of his background. He introduces Chitra to Naara and his girlfriend Sri who's a struggling actress. Chitra and Sri become close friends.

view SATYA 2 posters
view SATYA 2 posters

Satyendra quickly and silently establishes himself in RK's gang and wins over the other gang member's adulation giving them a new power which they never dreamt of with his unique new way of thinking.

TK, the brash son of RK resents the growing influence of Satyendra in the gang. He hatches a plan to eliminate Satyendra who escapes. Subsequently in a peace meeting organized by concerned parties a quick glance from Satyendra makes RKs own man empty his pistol into TK's body. In a calm tone Satyendra apprises everyone of TK's plan to eliminate him the moment he stepped out of the meeting. He tells RK that sooner or later TK would have created more trouble than anyone could handle and that simply put, he was bad for business.

After he makes RK a non-entity he draws up plans for building a brand and his idea is never to project individuals but only promote the company. He plans to launch the brand with a bang that will shake everyone up and immediately establish the brand as the biggest underworld power ever seen not only by Mumbai city but also by the entire country, India.

He goes about meticulously planning 4 killings and zeroes in on his targets, an iconic businessman, a media mogul, a famous young politician and the top cop of the city

He briefs his team about the reasons for the targets selected for Assassination.

A politician's execution will give them the necessary political clout after the upcoming assembly elections.

A businessman's execution will shake up the business community and get them the funds required.

A media mogul's execution will help them in extorting the media to their advantage and the top cop's execution will demoralize the police and will put them on a back foot.

After the spectacular killings are carried out and an entity called the G Company claims responsibility a shocked government appoints a highly reputed cop Sudhir Mahajan to track down this G Company.

As soon as he takes charge of the special task force, Mahajan is assasinated. For all this while his wife and mother remain blissfully unaware that their dear Satyendra is the actual head of the dreaded G Company. Meanwhile Satyendra helps his friend Naara to become a film producer but without Naara's knowledge. Nara also doesn't know that Satyendra is the head of G Company

Meanwhile a panicky government approches retired commissioner Purushottam for enlisting the veterans help

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Purushottam asks to set up an office at his home as his bad back no longer permits him to move much.

From then on under his guidance a core team of officers of which one is Purshottam's own son get onto the job of tracking G Company. Purushottam chooses a multi-pronged approach including tracking financial transactions to tracing backgrounds and also to see if there's someone in the city who has become suddenly affluent. Meanwhile Satyendra is on a rapid expansion plan and as a result is becoming a bigger and bigger menace and this is all thanks to the modern technology he is using from a cosy 2 bedroom flat in Khar, unlike the earlier dons who used to operate from abroad. Meanwhile Chitra his wife becomes pregnant.

In a lucky break Purushottam's team closes in on Naara. When Naara comes in Purshottam's son's custody, he comes to know the truth. Naara commits suicide rather than betraying his friend Satyendra. .Satyendra in retaliation for his friend's death kills Purushottham's son. Even as he grieves for his son, Purushottam renews his efforts and Satyendra escalates his actions trying to balance between the investigative teams, rifts between core members of the G Company and also Chitra who became suspicious ever since Naara commited suicide and Sri disappeared mysteriously.

From here on a terrifying duel ensues between the minds of Purushottam and Satyendra which result in highly electrifying action sequences that eventually lead to an emotionally shattering climax.