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View Showbiz Movie Stills

Many aspiring ambitious young blood regularly enter the city (land) of dreams ‘Mumbai’ to mint money and make a big name in this hardworking and never sleeping, never exhausting city.

Same was the case with Rohan Arya (Tushar Jalota), a simple talented lad from a small innocent village, who wants to fulfill his big dreams, which makes him participate in a musical reality show (contest) and tastes the success as he wins the contest. And, then how media makes him a star overnight.

Rohan seems to have it all; a dream career, a beautiful girlfriend and everything else one beginner star would want. Life seemed as though it couldn’t be better. Everything seemed to be like iced cake, a kind of life, which he always just dreamt under the pillows. But his new bound fame comes with a price. Little did he know about how these paparazzi have a never ending appetite for gossip and revealing photos, they never sleep, they are the hunters who trail their prey – the show business elite- at all hours of the day and night, they are as much a part of events as are the bright lights and red-carpets, And their photos, news can make or break a career. For rising superstar Rohan Arya, the paparazzi are first an annoyance, then an ever-disturbing presence. But when they threaten his safety, it will be the last mistake they ever make.

View Showbiz Movie Stills

View Showbiz Movie Stills

He’s become a target of a team of four paparazzi bent on making Rohan fodder for the tabloids. And when they stumble upon a sensitive nerve, all hell breaks loose. Rohan has been on the lookout for a prostitute Tara. When he finally finds her, the paparazzi trap Rohan and Tara in a high-speed chase that ends in a terrible accident and leaves Tara in a coma. The Media frenzies with news of Rohan’s accident with a prostitute in his car. Rohan seeks vengeance. But why?
What connection does this prostitute have with Rohan? Rohan is at crossroad.

Does he take law into his own hands or does he get served justice by the law?

Does he succeed in exposing the ugly side of the media or do the paparazzi get away this time too?

28 December will reveal the dark side of the fame.

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