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Movie Preview : Rivaaz

Director :
Starring :
 Ashok Nanda
 Deepti Naval, Deepti Naval, Meghna Naidu, Alok Nath, Rajendra Gupta, Ritisha Vijayvargya, Vijay Raaz, Manoj Biddvai, Sadhika Randhawa, Manoj Verma, Yashpal Sharma, Upyendra Limaye and Sayaji Shinde

Rivaaz Movie Preview

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download RIVAAZ wallpaper
download RIVAAZ wallpaper
Deeksha Screen Entertainment and Laurel Entertainment present RIVAAZ (Trapped in a tradition) is a film against exploitation, about hope of women who are traded in the name of tradition.

Directed by Ashok Kumar Nanda and produced by Vidya D. Kamat, Ashok Kumar Nanda the film stars Deepti Naval, Meghna Naidu, Ritisha Vijayvargiya, Sadhika Randhawa, Vijay Raaz, Yashpal Sharma and Manoj Verma.

RIVAAZ is all set to hit the screens on September 16, 2011.


Every young soul searches for something deep inside. Rahul's quest sees the light of the day when he stumbles upon a beautiful suburban girl Bela. She has shaped up his dreams.

What about her own dreams?

She belongs to a community in central-western India, which will celebrate her becoming eighteen years of age. A wealthy businessman or a local politician will be a part of the celebration; he will give a hefty sum to her parents, some booze to the community members and then they all will celebrate the girl's loss of virginity.

view RIVAAZ stills
view RIVAAZ stills
After that day she will keep on earning as much as her flesh fetches; her parents and siblings living off that income. Only after people stop coming to her, she will get married to some middle aged man of the community.

All this without even before she realizes that she also had a dream!

Bela meets Rahul and starts dreaming - of love, of belongingness, of self-respect, of a life. Will they allow her?

Her mother, once a dreamer herself, has buried all her dreams after they had burnt down her first love... will she allow her daughter's quest for love?

Her father has waited impatiently for eighteen years to earn a good amount of money off her beautiful body... will he let her wash away his dreams?

The landlord of the nearby town is willing to spend a fortune to taste her virgin flesh... will he give up his animal instinct?

The local police dutifully serve the influential with the girls from the community - and in the process get some fringe benefits... could she dare ditch them?

And finally, the community heads - the privileged protectors of this heinous ritual of centuries... will they allow some girl to deviate from the practice and rob them off their lifestyle?

RIVAAZ is a film of hope - of them who are 'trapped in Tradition' and never dare to break that trap!

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