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   Movie Preview : Shaurya


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view SHAURYA  movie stills

view SHAURYA movie stills

A story of justice, honour , faith and above all believing in yourself.

A story of finding courage within... where friendships are tested in the battle which maters the most... the battle for truth and justice...

Shaurya is the story of Javed...a man wronged by his country... by the very men who he fought with and were his friends. Its the story of Siddhant, whose only aim in life was to escape reality and wasn't ready for what life brought him...its the story of Kavya who never understood why it was difficult to speak the truth...Its the story of Akash for whom living the rules was the only way to live life. And it's the story of Major general Pratap a man who lived by his own rules even if they were against humanity...

Captain Javed Khan charged with mutiny, treason and killing a fellow being tried for court martial… who refuses to speak in his defense as the secret of the night he holds is too powerful for the establishment to handle

Assigned for this task are Sid and Aakash… two best friends, lawyers and very ambitious individuals who have contrasting views on life. 

Nevertheless, this one case will change their lives… forever. The case takes them to Srinagar. While Aakash, for whom winning the case matters the most, follows the blueprint, Sid discovers a new meaning in life, Kaavya, Javed and of course the man in question, Brigadier Pratap… all

Character Sketch:

Siddhant Chaudhary
Referred as Sid
Age Group: 27 Years old (Rahul Bose):

Rahul BoseSiddharth, the main protagonist of our film is a rebellious, adventurous, immature, intelligent and reckless young army lawyer.

Sid lost his father Brig. Choudhary at a very young age. The fact that the death of his father is being celebrated with such great pride makes him unhappy to join the army and a bit disappointed with his mother. The only person who Sid thinks is a support to him is his best friend Akash. Sid shares a very cordial relationship with Akash's fiancé.
Sid got into Army by chance and not by desire and that's why wants to leave it, leave it as soon as possible, leave it to accomplish his desire to become a Bungee Jumping Instructor in New- Zealand.

As Sid and Akash approach their first case, we see that Sid still carries along his aloof, immature and disinterested attitude.

With the progress of the movie and the entry of Kavya in Sid's life, there happens to be a sudden change in his overall outlook. This is when we get to see the other side of Sid who is ready to fight and take control over situation. He changes. He changes to an extent that he even thinks of law to be an adventurous profession that he wants to be in the army now and he changes from nobody to somebody.

Brigadier Rudra Prasad Singh
Referred as Brigadier Pratap
Age Group: 47 years old
(Kay Kay Menon):
Kay Kay MenonMajor General Pratap is in the league of one of the strongest written fictional chracters ever.
He has been one of the strongest officers of the Indian Army. He is a man of Integrity, A man with strong beliefs, committed and driven, a perfect master and above all has the strongest belief in himself.
General Pratap came from a family of High Profile and prosperous Army professionals and had a happy childhood. He received excellent education.

He is Patriotic, over confident and an honorable manwho has no fear in life.
Brigadier Pratap has the capability to unnerve his subordinate and to an extent he likes to intimidate people. He knows that he is at a position of power and he uses this to his advantage.
He is authoritative, arrogant, proud and egoistic person.
He has a clear vision in life because of which he has reached the position of authority. When a tragic incident happened in his life that made Brigadier Pratap biased towards muslim community.

Kavya Shashtri
Referred as Kaavya
Age group: 22years old
(Minissha Lamba):
Minissha LambaKavya is a very bright, young, upcoming, focused, beautiful journalist. She is a go getter and wants to achieve great goals in the field of journalism. Her character is very sorted out since the beginning. She knows what she wants and she works hard for it. She makes Sid realize his job responsibilities and she makes him believe the fact that his profession and his job can really save Javed's life, who is innocent.

She has always been a very passionate person. In fact she is an over enthusiastic journo. She doesn't mind getting into trouble to get her facts right and know the truth. She is lovely, spunky and a fun loving girl.
From being a friend, her character develops as Sid's love interest as the story progresses.

Captain Javed Khan
Referred as Capt. Javed Khan
Age Group:25 years old (Deepak Dobriyal):
Deepak DobriyalCaptain Javed Khan, a young, honest, brave army officer who can give his life for the country. In the beginning of the movie Javed is portrayed to be a very quite, intense, dedicated man who is death sentenced and he himself has given up on it.

Javed is a 25 years old Muslim army officer. His Father was a subedar and it was the proudest moment for him to see his son becoming an officer. Javed's mother is a proud woman too, she would rather sacrifice his son for the sake honor of the country and his husband then to have him come back dishonorably discharged from armed forces. Javed's belief in the army too was stupendous.

Javed is an honest, religious and brave man. He is a stout, strong and a tough looking man.

He totally trusts the system and is completely driven by Armed Forces. He is disciplined, follows army protocol yet he will not stand any injustice done to anyone innocent. He is a courageous man who if need be will give up his life to protect the honor and pride of the country and Army.

Javed JaaferiMaj. Akash Kapoor
Referred as Aakash
Age group: 28 years old (Jaaved Jaaferi):
Akash is a young (between 25-28 years), sharp and focused army lawyer.

Unlike Sid his best friend he didn't join Army just by chance but he is here with a purpose, a purpose to be a successfull man.

Akash is the son of a very famous lawyer, comes from an army background and has been educated in the best of schools. For him the only profession he ever thought about was the Indian army which stood for all that he stood for… but he has an ambitious streak in him... He wants to reach the top and he will play by the rules... using them to his advantage.

However in spite of being so practical, there is an emotional side to him too. The two most important people in his life are Sid and Nandini, and he is proud of his friend Sid's fight through the case where he is loosing technically.
Nandini is Akash's fiancé and he doesn't mind using his would be father-in- law influences to fix things for him professionally.

His interactions with Sid and other characters prove the fact that he a very ambitious, sharp, Shrewd (in a way) and practical.

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