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Black & White

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download BLACK & WHITE wallpapers

download BLACK & WHITE wallpapers

Known for his larger than life cinema showman Subhash Ghai returns after 3 years as a director with a film BLACK & WHITE. Last when he wielded the megaphone was for KISNA, which bombed at box-office. Known for his 'masala' potboilers, especially when it comes to films directed by him, Ghai has taken a realistic route with BLACK N WHITE as he tackles the subject of terrorism with the film. One more excitement about this movie is that Subhash Ghai and Anil Kapoor return after 9 years gap; last they worked together for TAAL. With this film Anurag Sinha makes his debut and other cast of the film includes Shefali Chhaya and Aditi Sharma. Sukhwinder Singh has composed the music while Ibrahim Ashq is the lyricist.

Synopsis :

What does BLACK & WHITE mean?

Two colours?

Two extremes?

Two polarities?

Obviously about contrasts, BLACK & WHITE epitomizes the black and white psyche a psyche that refuses to see shades beyond the two. A mind that is literally colour-blind, imagine when the colours of rainbow confront a man whose mind has always been conditioned to see only black and white. It is nothing short of an earth-shaking experience.

BLACK AND WHITE is an emotional drama that entertains for sure but leaves the audience with a lofty message for all humanity in search of harmony amidst diversity. In that sense BLACK AND WHITE is an idea whose time has come. Just what the world needs, perhaps. And when a thought-provoking theme such as this one comes straight from the heart, it holds a special place in the mindscapes.

view BLACK & WHITE movie stills

view BLACK & WHITE movie stills

Character Synopsis:

1) Anil kapoor (Prof Rajan Mathur): -
A professor teaching Urdu literature at the Dr. Zakir Hussain College in Delhi. He lives in Chandni Chowk along with his wife Roma Mathur (Shefali Shah) and commands a great respect in all communities.

2) Anurag Sinha (Numer Qazi): -
A young missionary who comes to Delhi with a deadly mission. He believes in it. He breathes with it. And nothing can change his belief not even the human emotions.

3) Aditi Sharma (Shagufta): -
A local girl staying with her parents in Chandni Chowk. Falls in love with Numer Qazi at first sight. She offers a rose to a gunman!

4) Shefali Shah (Mrs. Roma Mathur): -
Wife of professor Rajan Mathur, a social activist. She believes and fights for women rights. Loving, enduring, but outspoken even against the wishes of her beloved husband.

5) Habib Tanvir (Gaffar Miyan): -
An 85 year old muslim poet living in a 150 years old house in Chandni Chowk in Delhi. He has one publish his poems on communal harmony. One of the most lovable person, smiling to every heart whomsoever happens to meet him- even Numer Qazi.

Shot extensively in Delhi, the film is aiming for a March release.

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