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 26Th July At Barista

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Kabier Sawhney and Simran Vaid26TH JULY AT BARISTA is a film based on true events, on a day Mumbai saw the worst disaster in years. July 26th 2005 was a day this city or the world will never forget, and this film is a tribute to all the people of Mumbai that faced this hard reality and over came it.

26th July 2005 started as any normal Mumbai monsoon day. People were traveling as they would from one end of the city to the other. Children were playing in the rain, people were complaining about how the city council has not done anything to the roads etc.

The story starts in Barista a coffee shop in Mumbai that is very famous for its gracious atmosphere and great coffee. A regular evening at Barista with its customers, some regulars, some who just walked in for a break from the hustle and bustle of the everyday Mumbai life. They all came to enjoy a pleasant evening and have a cup of coffee or just spend time with friends or loved ones.

Kabier Sawhney and Simran VaidAmongst these people come two complete strangers who did not know that this night would change their lives forever...

All the people sitting at Barista had no idea that the regular Mumbai rainfall which they all assumed was like any other monsoon day in Mumbai, would calm down or stop, was going to shatter their lives forever.

The film is about a group of these people that kept the spirit of Mumbai alive and fought to make sure they all would survive this horrific night through whatever means necessary.

These people at Barista that night are just a small example of how Mumbai came together to overcome one of the world’s biggest natural disasters.

With this film, "We salute the spirit of Mumbai, we salute the people of Mumbai and say thank you."

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