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Movie Preview : Aagey Se Right

 Aagey Se Right
Director :
Starring :
 Indrajit Nattoji
 Shreyas Talpade, Shehnaz Treasurywala, Kay Kay Menon, Mahie Gill, Vijay Maurya.

Aagey Se Right Movie Preview

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download AAGEY SE RIGHT wallpapers

download AAGEY SE RIGHT wallpapers

AAGE SE RIGHT is the story of chance, co-incidence and real life humor based in the present day Mumbai. The film spans over five days of panic, chaos and mayhem.

The film is about a cop and terrorist. Through a series of events not in their control the cop loses his gun and the terrorist loses his heart. Their two worlds collide in a maze of chance and mayhem. The film is an edgy contemporary satire of the chaotic times that we live in where AAGE SE RIGHT may not be always right.

download AAGEY SE RIGHT wallpapers

download AAGEY SE RIGHT wallpapers

Character Sketch -

Shreyas Talpade as Dinkar Waghmare - A reluctant cop who just doesn't want to grow up, Sub inspector Waghmare is the son of a famous police officer and a nagging mother who wants him to accomplish something in life. Within a few days of joining the force, Dhinkar looses his trusted Bajrangbali gun, kick starting a roller coaster campaign against crime! Fate and his elusive Bajrangbali stickered gun make him an unlikely hero against underworld goons and terrorists!

Shenaz Treasurywala as Pearl - Absolutely gorgeous and oh so sensuous, but with a sense of innocence from a bygone era. An aspiring actress in Bollywood, she is the most popular dance girl in a dance bar where she works part time. She is intrigued and amused by Janu's innocence and suitable strength.

Kay Kay Menon as Janubhai Alias Balma Rishidui Khairi - Fierce and lethal on the other outside, Balma was sent to India by a terrorist group to carry out terror missions in Mumbai. Using the name Janu as an alias, he falls in love with the Bombay way of life and a certain Bar Dancer, realizing that his missions of terror are not his true calling in life. But what about his former brothers in arms, sworn to kill? With Janu's new found passion for life to be enough to save the city and the women he loves so much? Will anyone ever understand a single word of his Tapori urdu?

Vijay Maurya as Raghav Shetty - Friend, an aide to Janu's for his Mumbai missions, Raghav Bhai speaks in the typical Mumbai Hindi dialect and stands by his motto ''Socha Toh Locha''. He operates a massive industry of everything that is illegal and lucrative and is rumored by to have suspicious connections in the police force, Bollywood and even the Government!

Shiv Pandit as Sunny - A small time actor and a street smart, fool hardy Tapori, Sunny has a girlfriend in the Police Commissioner's daughter Suhasi and will do nearly anything for her. He has an amazing skill of mimicry and sound effects and can create much confusion!

Mahie Gill as Soniya Bhatt - An attractive and overzealous television news reporter who is an absolute sensationalist, Soniya asks for viewers' opinion on various scandalous topics through a sponsored SMS and is partly responsible for the hype and legend behind Dinkar Waghmare, her biggest fan!

Shruti Seth as Suhasi - Police Commissioner Digvijay Singh's daughter, the typical Hi-Society, Hi maintenance Mumbai girl. She is in love with Sunny but her father wants her to get married to someone from a family worthy of his status. Suhasi is a rebel and will go on to any extent to achieve her love!

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