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   Movie Preview : Dhoondte Reh Jaoge

Dhoondte Reh Jaoge

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UTV Motion Pictures & Bindas' new film DHOONDTE REH JAOGE is all set for 6th March release. Directed by Umesh Shukla DHOONDTE REH JAOGE is a full on comedy featuring Sonu Sood and Kunal Khemu as the central protagonists. Soha Ali Khan is the leading lady of the film. Actors Paresh Rawal, Zayed Khan, Deepal Shaw, Johny Lever, Asrani, Razzak Khan, Avtar Gill will also be seen in principal roles.

The music of the film is composed by duo Sajid-Wajid and lyrics penned by Jalees Sherwani & Shabir Ahmed.


'The concept is simple, brilliant, failsafe, unique and guaranteed to work,' says Anand Pawar (Kunal Kemmu) an honest Charted Accountant but looser in life, to Raj Chopra (Paresh Rawal), a veteran film Producer with no money. All they need to do is raise 100 Crore from various financers and produce the film in 5 Crore. They would then make a film that will never work, a film that will be hooted out on the first day itself and run away with 95 Crore. But oblivious to this common plan, Raj has a hidden one. Things go haywire, so Raj makes Anand the fall guy and the latter ends up in jail. Anand's aqueaky clean image goes for a toss and he decides to take revenge on Raj. As tables turn against Anand, he suddenly loses his job and his girlfriend Neha, who refuses to marry a loser.

Anand goes back to Raj, and asks him to join forces again. He insists that their master plan could still work out, only if they think much bigger. They begin working on their plan. They want to become instant millionaires in the shortest time possible.

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An infallible plan. To make a FLOPBUSTER they rope in Super star Aryan Kapoor ( Sonu Sood) as a the lead in the film, they also rope in Parvez Asharraf (Johny Lever) as a writer, who is Pro Pakistan and many other weird and wacky actors, director, music directors for the film. They give Aryan a token amount of 3 crores. Aryan is offered to act opposite his girlfriend Riya, but surprisingly, the actor refuses.

That's when Raj suggests Anand to cast his girlfriend Neha. Anand Pawar becomes so greedy that he decides to cheat on his own girl friend Neha Chattopadhayay (Soha Ali Khan) who is a small time theatre actress. Anand cast her as a main heroine in the film so her acting ka keeda will be over in one film. Since they plan to make a flop film Raj tells Anand that Neha will not only comeback in his life but also become dependant on him since her acting career will end after their film's disastrous fate. Anand agrees. Neha is thrilled to know that Anand is producing a film and that she is being caste opposite a big star like Aryan Kapoor.

After some hiccups, Anand and Raj mange to make and release the film; though deliberately opposite another big films that could over shadow its release. Their devious plan seems to be right on track. But as the adage goes... 'Man proposes; God disposes', the film turns out to be a huge hit. Now the financers and distributors are after Anand and Raj for their chunk of shares from the huge profit. Anand & Raj's problems multiply by the second.

This not only becomes one of the most masterful of escapade (fun with a lot of escapes) but also instigates a laugh -a - thon.

download DHOONDTE REH JAOGE wallpapers

download DHOONDTE REH JAOGE wallpapers

Character Sketch:

Aryan Kapoor (Sonu Sood):

He is a super star but also an emotional fool. Gambling is a way of life for him. 3 of Aryan's films flop in a row. Riya (Hrishita Bhatt), actress and the love of Aryan's life, is no fool to stick around. Aryan badly needs money and one superhit film to strike back in Bollywood.

Neha Chattopadhayay (Soha Ali Khan):

She wants to be an actress. With stars in her eyes, she is just another typical middle class girl from Kolkatta. If Bengali actresses like Kajol and Rani Mukherji can make it, she too can. Her uncle in theatre is training her to become an actress. All is fine so far albeit for one problem. Whenever she gets emotional, she blurts out her dialogues in Bengali instead of hindi.

Anand Pawar (Kunal Khemu):

In his early 20's, Anand possesses a face with the serenity of a wise man and a mind with the wisdom of a clever business man. Fun, frolic and all, Anand only yearns for simple things in life. But when he loses a job for the sixth time in 3 years, the girl of his dreams decides to leave. Anand is now caught in between the biggest dilemma of his life. Should he or should he not give up his morals? Will he be able to stick to his ideals and still mint millions in a ridiculously short span of time? Will he be able to win over the lass in the end? Yes, he did! And our story says how.

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Raj Chopra (Paresh Rawal):

A veteran film producer in the wane-much like his age, which is a bludgeoning 50. His one magical charisma has eroded with time, to the extent that the whimsical stars are refusing to work for him. In huge debts for all the previous films like 'Barsaat main tak dhina dhin', 'Goli Goli pe likha hai marne wale ka naam' and many more, financers are after his life for their money. Not in the least perturbed by their demands, he has been skillfully out-lying them. Being a typical filmy producer and a compulsive liar, he has promised the financers that, he will make one film with the superstar Aryan kapoor and pay back their money. 

Parvez Asharraf (Johnny Lever):

He is a film writer living in Asia's biggest slum Dharavi. He is pro Pakistan. He lives in India, but behaves like Musharraf's twin brother. He writes horrendous yet very funny stories. He believes he is a good actor but that's just his belief.

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