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Movie Preview : Sons of Ram

 Sons of Ram
Director :  Kushal Ruia
Starring :  (Voiceover) Aditya Kapadia, Devansh Doshi, Saptarishi Ghosh & Sunidhi Chauhan

Sons of Ram Movie Preview

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view SONS OF RAM poster
view SONS OF RAM poster
ACK Animations Studios Presents SONS OF RAM- Heroes will Rise, a comic book series of Amar Chitra Katha, in association with Cartoon Network releasing on November 2, 2012.

The film is directed & written by Kushal Ruia. Popular Singer Sunidhi Chauhan has lent her voice for the film. She will be the voice of Sita in the movie along with other talented actors from theatre industry who have given their voice for the film. The film will release in three languages, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

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Surayavanshi Ram of Ayodhya, the greatest warrior king that ever lived, was forced to send his beloved wife Sita into exile.

Unknown to Ram, far away in sage Valmiki's Ashram, Sita lives as Vandevi, raising their twin sons, Luv & Kush. Though not aware of their royal lineage, the twins imbibe wisdom, compassion & combat skills that would put any royal prince to shame.

Accompanied by a steadfast gang of lovable friends, Luv-Kush's journey of discovery takes them from enchanted forests with mythical creatures, to the revered land of Ayodhya, the home of their fabled heroes.

The film follows the adventures of Luv,Kush and their gang of lovable and naughty friends, as they fight for their rights and face the mighty army of Ram .

Their path to the climax is filled with masti,, magic and adventure .The plot has interesting twists and turns, and non-stop action, as the Twins and their friends discover their own strengths, their bonds of togetherness and true friendship.

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