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Agni Pankh

LOC was a tribute to our soldiers, who died in Kargil. Yet, they came home victorious. Joining J.P. Dutta is another director who pays tribute to the heroes of the Indian Air Force. Speaking in an interview, Agni Pankh Director Sanjiv Puri said, "Agni Pankh is a true story based on Air Force personnel in Srinagar and also revolves around their personal and professional lives." He further stated, "Agni Pankh was being made as a serial". But the thematic concern of the serial would not whet the appetite of Television viewers. He and the producers decided to make this serial into a movie that would reach out to a wider audience. Also, more liberties can be taken in a film as compared to a serial. And thus, the idea of 'AgniPankh' as a film was born.

Themes of war and Pakistani dictatorship on Kashmir are once again brought to light in this film which stars Jimmy Shergill, Shamita Shetty, Rahul Dev, Divya Dutta, Richa Pallod. The movie highlights the freshness and energy of the young pilots who reach out for that azure sky (literally!). Jimmy Shergill a.k.a. Siddharth in the film introduces his character as a flirtatious, flamboyant fighter pilot, who is popular with the ladies. "He is the man of the storm". Speaking in an in interview Jimmy Shergill confesses, "I'm damn happy Iím getting to play this role because as a kid I always wanted to be part of the Air ForceÖ".

Shamita Shetty (playing the role of Anjana), is a tomboy who secretly nurses feelings for Siddharth. She is a chopper pilot herself. Following the format of a love triangle, this film shows Siddharth falling in love with Richa (played by Richa Pallod), who is a rich man's daughter! Richa, who dislikes pilots and flying, falls in love with Sameer (played by Sameer Dharamadhikari). Sameer is always at loggerheads with Siddharth. Siddharth is unaware of Anjali's feelings towards him. Rahul Dev is their senior who is newly married to Nupur (Divya Dutta).

War is inevitable and so is love. The youngsters along with their senior Vishal ( played by Rahul Dev), are caught in a web of emotions and situations. The film reaches its peak when the Indian pilots break free from Pakistani POW camps, escaping through jungles and being hounded by Pakistani rangers and trackers. The outcome has never changed in the course of history. . Some one wins. Someone loses. And this film portrays just that...

Produced by Dhilin Mehta and Seema Kar, this film brings forth the courage, sacrifice, love and hatred of people who know what it is to give up everything for their country, out of sheer love for it... this film once again revokes emotions that have been suppressed into the Indian psyche and conscience. Pritam Chakrabortry heightens the mood of the film with his music.

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