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KUCH NAA KAHO established Rohan Sippy as a promising director from the younger lot. KNK did not do well at the box-office but showcased his talent and especially his flair for direction and gifted Bollywood with a filmmaker with a lot of capability and aptitude. KNK starred Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. Son of movie mogul Ramesh Sippy (maker of such sensations SHOLAY and SHAAN), Rohan is now ready to push his latest movie, again with Abhishek titled BLUFFMASTER. BM stars Abhishek Bachchan alongside the vivacious Priyanka Chopra and the talented actor Ritesh Deshmukh. This film will bring together Abhishek and Ritesh for the second time after Ram Gopal Varma's NAACH (which didn't dance for a long time at the box-office and fainted) and also Abhishek and Priyanka for the first time ever. Abhishek is racing up after the awesome success ofRam Gopal Varma's NAACH and SARKAR and so is Ritesh who has got much to boast about after the superhits MASTI and KYA KOOL HAI HUM. As of Priyanka, she is riding high after the success of WAQT and MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGI and has got her hands full with some big banner movies.

Roy (Abhishek Bachchan) is a professional conman, who has raised his work to the level of an art. The only true thing he has in his life is his love for Simmi- someone who is so rooted, honest and sincere, that he can't bring himself to tell her the reality of who he is. But when his past catches up with him, she cannot forgive him for the deceit their relationship is build on. He loses her forever.

That's when Aditya Srivastav (Ritesh Deshmukh) enters the picture. He is the counterpoint to everything that Roy is- as frantic as Roy is calm, as dumb as Roy is smart, as messy and untidy as Roy is smooth. They have only one thing in common- Aditya is a conman too. Atleast he thinks of himself as one. In Roy's book, he is embarrassment. But the one that won't go away.

Despite himself, or maybe to take his mind off Simmi, he agrees to teach Dittu the rules of the game. In that process, he melts and warms up the boyish charms of his 'student'. That's when his world is spun upside down- he is forced to face facts that are a slap in his face. Suddenly Roy, who prides himself on being able to cheat anyone and anything, is pushed into a corner from where there is no exit.

For a man who wears so many masks, he is now left with no alternative but to take them all off and finally reveal himself- if he is still there.

Ramesh Sippy has always made movies, which were always a mile different from the masala movies of Bollywood. SHOLAY, SHAAN, SHAKTI and SAGAR became certain kinds of benchmark in terms of style and execution. And now Sippy Jr. is embarking to follow in his dad's footsteps. KUCH NAA KAHO was a subtle love story and now BLUFFMASTER is a conman movie, which could fit in as an edgy and dark thriller with some rivetting twists, and tales. Recently there have been a few 'conman' movies to hit the screen, DHOOM being the pick of the lot and freshly CHOCOLATE which also proved to be a decent hit. In this ambience, it would be interesting to see how Rohan Sippy has toyed with the idea and dished it out when BLUFFMASTER actually hits the marquee. Also this would be Abhishek's second shot at playing a conman after the hit BUNTY AUR BABLI which was produced by another movie giant Yashraj Films. Now it would be interesting to see how he performs in BLUFFMASTER, again as a conman!

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