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Download Chocolate WallpapersDirector Vivek Agnihotri's latest flick CHOCOLATE will hit the marquee on September 16. The movie has been produced by Ragini Vibha of Spice Team  Entertainment and is written by Rohit Malhotra and Vivek Agnihotri and has got a stellar star cast comprising Anil Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, VJ Sushma Reddy, Emraan Hashmi, Sunil Shetty, Tanushree Dutta and Arshad Warsi. The movie, which recently splashed, headlines, which stated that director Agnihotri, had reportedly deleted a smooch scene from the movie. The smooch scene was picturised on the current heartthrob Emraan Hashmi and the sultry actress Tanushree Dutta (The pair was just seen in the movie AASHIQ BANAYA AAPNE). But director Vivek Agnihotri vehemently denies that the smooch scene was snubbed from the movie. "I wouldn't have shot the scene if I didn't want to use it," Agnihotri told a newspaper.

Download Chocolate WallpapersCHOCOLATE is stylish thriller shot entirely in London. The story revolves around a group of Indians who are involved falsely in a bizarre series of events, which shatters London city during serene Christmas Eve. The story speaks about seven individuals, seven distinct individuals -

Krish (Anil Kapoor), a sharp & cunning lawyer, whose legal skills is incomparable but has a lust for power & fame.

Download Chocolate WallpapersRocker (Sunil Shetty), a compulsive go-getter, who is ready to risk it all to achieve anything and a gutsy man, always upbeat to walk the razor's edge.

Pipi (Irrfan Khan), a team man who'll never let his personal agenda ruin his relationships with his companions. A large hearted man with a down-to-earth attitude.

Download Chocolate WallpapersTubby (Arshad Warsi), a playboy, who doesn't give a damn about nothing. Sex, drugs and alcohol is what he cares for.

Devaa (Emraan Hashmi), a guy who's at the wrong place at the wrong time. Can he overcome the obstacles lying in his way?

Sim (Tanushree Duttaa), a temptress desiring a future filled with promise and love. Can she elude this wicked game to emerge as the winner?

Monsoon (Sushma Reddy), a journalist with a morbid past and a never- say- die attitude.

CHOCOLATE is the story of these diverse individuals, whose mystifying Download Chocolate Wallpaperspersonalities are slowly unraveled through a web of sinister plots. These seven high-strung individuals have decided to stay in the foreign land hoping to make or break their lives. A die-hard fan of the suspense genre, Vivek Agnihotri is making his debut as a director with CHOCOLATE. "The story had all the dynamics of a complicated plot. It could easily falter from step one. Well, no risk, no fun. I have always done things my own way," Agnihotri told a website. This movie also has Anil Kapoor essaying yet another uncanny character after his brilliant performance in Ram Gopal Varma's psychological thriller MY WIFE'S MURDER, as the demented husband.

CHOCOLATE boasts of a stunning photography by the ever-reliable Attar Download Chocolate WallpapersSingh Saini. Allan Amin is the movie's action director. "This is the first time a film has shown not just the city of London but its 'character'," Agnihotri was quoted by a website as saying. The talented Pritam has tuned music to the lyrics penned seasoned Dev Kohli and Ajeet Shrivastava, Mayur Puri. This movie will also see the ex-Spice Girl Emma Bunton feature in a Bollywood movie for the first time. Added as a surprise element in the movie, Emma Bunton has acted as well as sung one of the songs in the movie.

Slated to a September 16 release, CHOCOLATE is yet another sophisticated and lavish movie. Considering the fact that movies like QAYAMAT, 16th DECEMBER and SAMAY crashed at the box-office, the response to be meted out to CHOCOLATE is eagerly anticipated.

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